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Transforming Recycling through Blockchain: Ecoterra's Presale Nears Completion

Transforming Recycling through Blockchain: Ecoterra's Presale Nears Completion


Ecoterra, a blockchain-based company dedicated to promoting recycling, is currently hosting the final stage of its presale on its official website.

As a gesture of appreciation to its supporters, Ecoterra is offering a 10% bonus in $ECOTERRA on every transaction.

With a commitment to combating global warming and climate change, Ecoterra leverages blockchain technology to incentivize the recycling process. 

At the forefront of Ecoterra's initiatives is the Recycle2Earn project—an all-in-one app that incorporates recycling tokens and environmental actions. Through the Ecoterra app, users can conveniently scan barcodes on plastic and glass bottles, as well as aluminum cans. Moreover, the app enables users to earn ECOTERRA tokens by scanning their electricity bills to promote green energy technologies. These scans are automatically processed using the company's AI-powered database.

By recycling and submitting their receipts from Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs), users can earn ECOTERRA tokens. These tokens can then be used for staking or donated towards various sustainability endeavors, such as beach cleaning projects in Costa Rica. The progress of users' recycling activities and their overall impact can be tracked in the "Impact Profile" section of the app.

Anothe undertaking by Ecoterra is the establishment of a marketplace for recycled materials. Users can connect with companies worldwide to purchase a diverse range of recycled materials, with the option to pay using ECOTERRA tokens, cryptocurrencies, or traditional fiat currencies.

Ecoterra is also actively developing a carbon offset marketplace, which will enable users to directly purchase carbon offsets through the app. These carbon offsets will be verified by Ecoterra's trusted partner, VERA. 

During the initial phase of the presale, Ecoterra aimed to raise $2,000,000. However, the company has already surpassed expectations by securing over $5.5 million in funding from early investors. In the upcoming months, $ECOTERRA, Ecoterra's native token, is set to be listed on major exchanges, accompanied by the highly anticipated release of the Recycle2Earn app by year-end.

Ecoterra was founded by Mihai Ciutureanu, who currently serves as the company's CEO. The project boasts a transparent team, whose detailed information can be found on Ecoterra's official website.


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