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When is Hamster (HMSTR) Listing? The Token Appeared on the KuCoin Premarket

When is Hamster (HMSTR) Listing? The Token Appeared on the KuCoin Premarket


The Hamster Kombat minigame token (HMSTR) has appeared in the premarket on KuCoin. When does trading start?

The network shared information that the Hamster Kombat mini-game clicker token (HMSTR) appeared in the premarket on the KuCoin exchange. Trading of HMSTR on the exchange will begin on June 12 at 13:00 Moscow time and at 10:00 UTC.

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The premarket differs from a listing in that it is over-the-counter trading exclusively for new tokens before their official launch. Buyers and sellers can set price quotes and negotiate trades to secure desired prices and liquidity in advance. That is, the price per token during the premarket will not be the same as it will be during the listing. Let us remind you that the exact listing date of HMSTR has not yet been announced.

Hamster Kombat generated a lot of interest back in March 2024. A clicker game similar to the well-known Notcoin has won the hearts of millions of players. The essence of the game is simple: the player selects a cryptocurrency exchange to manage and clicks on the hamster in the center of the screen to collect profits in the form of game coins. The more coins accumulated on the exchange balance, the higher its level, which allows the player to earn coins even faster.

Many people thought it was a scam, but the project is alive and still intrigues its users with various quests and new mechanics inside the application, like combo cards and Morse code deciphering. 

If you don’t yet know what Hamster Kombat is, how to play it, and what people generally find in this clicker, follow the link and get to know the new Web3 gaming phenomenon in person!

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