Notcoin (NOT) Has Been Listed? How Much Does NOT Cost?

Notcoin (NOT) Has Been Listed? How Much Does NOT Cost?


Today marked a highly anticipated milestone in the crypto-gaming industry as Notcoin was officially listed on popular cryptocurrency exchanges including Binance, OKX, Bybit, and others.

Launched earlier this year via Telegram, Notcoin swiftly captivated a massive audience, boasting millions of users. Now, players can finally convert the coins they’ve accumulated in-game into real tokens on The Open Network (TON), facilitating trading across various platforms. In anticipation of the listing, coin mining within the app was suspended as of April 1st.

Preparation for the Listing 

Various platforms actively supported the upcoming listing by offering users opportunities to earn tokens prior to the official start of trading.

Until May 14th, users were able to transfer their earned coins to Binance, Bybit, OKX, or into a crypto wallet in Telegram via the app interface, with access to the tokens immediately after their launch on these platforms.

In preparation for the listing, Notcoin staking was available on Binance, OKX, and other projects based on The Open Network (TON), using Toncoin (TON) or BNB. As part of the staking campaigns on Binance and OKX, 4 billion NOT were distributed, with tokens locked up to the value of $14 billion.

Since March, users have been able to purchase vouchers valued at 10 and 100 million NOT in the form of NFTs on the Getgems platform, which can now be exchanged for real coins.

Where is Notcoin Available Now? 

Trading of NOT tokens has officially commenced on the following platforms:

  • Bybit: Launchpool for staking NOT, TON, and USDT is active, with the NOT/USDT pair available.
  • OKX: Mining of NOT on OKX Jumpstart has concluded, with the NOT/USDT pair available.
  • Binance: Farming of NOT on Binance Launchpool has finished, with pairs NOT/BTC, NOT/USDT, NOT/BNB, NOT/FDUSD, NOT/TRY available.
  • Gate.io: Listing has been announced with pre-trading active, offering the NOT/USDT pair.
  • Bitget: Pre-market activities are in progress, with the NOT/USDT pair available.
  • KuCoin: Pre-market trading continues, offering the NOT/USDT pair.
  • Bitfinex: NOT/USD and NOT/USDT pairs are available.

Notcoin is also supported by all non-custodial wallets compatible with the TON blockchain, including Tonhub, TON Space (accessible through Wallet), Tonkeeper, and MyTonWallet.

How to Earn Notcoin (NOT) Now?

On May 16th, the day of its official listing, certain campaigns for earning NOT will conclude, including mining on OKX and farming on Binance. However, on the same day, Bybit will launch its Launchpool, where investors can participate in staking pools to earn additional NOT without risk until May 23rd.

Staking in the Wallet will continue until May 25th, where participants can deposit up to 100 TON and earn NOT, receiving a daily accrual of 5 NOT for each TON.

Simultaneously, OKX is running a promotion for traders with a prize pool of 300 million NOT. To participate, traders need to deposit NOT tokens equivalent to at least 100 USDT.

NOT Price and Forecast

Listing on major exchanges is expected to significantly boost both liquidity and demand for the NOT token. Despite varying market participant opinions, it is clear that every community member stands to benefit from receiving free Notcoin tokens. This ensures that regardless of Notcoin's future price—whether $0.001 or $1—all users benefit.

Opinions and forecasts about Notcoin's prospects vary within the cryptocurrency community. Some are skeptical about the future of the project and doubt the coin's value, while others are confident in its popularity and anticipate a sharp increase in Notcoin's capitalization following its listing.

Currently, Notcoin is already available for trading on Binance, Bybit and OKX. 

On Binance, the token is priced at $ 0.006301; 

On Bybit, Notcoin is priced at  $0.00697037

And on OKX, it is $0.0068180

To buy or sell Notcoin, users are required to log into one of the aforementioned exchanges. After that, simply enter "NOT" in the search bar and select the desired trading pair to join the trading.

The Future of Notcoin

During an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session for OKX users, Notcoin co-founder Alexander Plotvinov shared future plans for the project. He announced that the Notcoin infrastructure would be made available to third-party game developers, which will help expand the community around the ecosystem. This will open up opportunities for creating trading bots in Telegram and new gaming applications, where NOT will become the primary currency for all new initiatives.

Additionally, Plotvinov announced a large-scale token burn of NOT, which will affect those coins that have not been used: not staked, not placed on exchanges, and not stored in Wallets.

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