Luminex Launchpad Comprehensive Guide

Luminex Launchpad Comprehensive Guide


Looking for Bitcoin NFT investment opportunities? Check out the Luminex Launchpad and participate in the most excellent, transparent, and valuable NFT Projects.

Luminex Launchpad, launched in March 2023, is one of the top trustless marketplaces and minting platforms for Bitcoin Ordinals. These Ordinals, first introduced in January 2023, provided a method of creating Bitcoin NFTs by attaching information to distinct Satoshis (smallest units of a Bitcoin). Hence, each Ordinal has unique, valuable features inscribed on it and registered on the Bitcoin network.

The Luminex Launchpad is a Bitcoin-based NFT launching platform, providing minting support and bridging the gap between Bitcoin NFT projects and loyal communities. This guide will discuss the platform in detail and help you make more guided investment decisions.

What Is Luminex?

Luminex Launchpad is the go-to platform for minting some of the most outstanding Bitcoin Ordinals, enabling these carefully selected projects to connect with loyal communities. These Bitcoin Ordinals or Bitcoin NFTs are a way of inserting digital content like text, art, or video on the Bitcoin blockchain. 

Luminex seeks to deliver a smooth and unrivaled minting experience to NFT projects on the Bitcoin blockchain while maintaining the best industry standards. The platform is fast transforming the Bitcoin NFT space with its host of products and services that all together provide an elevated minting experience.

The Luminex Team and Investors

There’s not much information given on the core members of the Luminex.io team. However, one of the platform’s lead developers goes by Jerry the Martian on Twitter.

Statistics and Performance

Source and Copyright © Luminex.io

Luminex has helped deploy some high-potential Bitcoin NFT projects, most of which sold out in a jiffy. The NFT minting platform currently has a large and engaging community that has participated actively in the launch of five promising projects and still counting. That said, Luminex.io should be on every NFT creator and collector’s watchlist.

How Does the Luminex Launchpad Work?

First, Luminex checks the projects it launches on its platform. We don't know how they do it, so we can't say how thoroughly they check.

After approval, their team makes partnership announcements for projects that meet their requirements a week before the mint date, thereby proving the project’s inclusion on their launchpad. The platform also features an improved and seamless non-custodial minting experience for NFT collectors via XVerse or Hiro Wallets, giving users complete control over their assets. 

Similarly, it prioritizes user-friendliness and security by providing mint limit tracking and user self-inscription. They offer advanced protection against duplicate mints, thus making each Ordinal distinct, valuable, and rare. Interestingly, they’ve integrated technologies that subsidize users’ inscription costs, allowing more people to participate in their listed projects.

How Can I Participate in the Luminex Launchpad?

Before you can start the minting process, meeting the essential requirements is important. Here are some of the requirements you must meet to mint an NFT project on Luminex.

#1. XVerse or Hiro Wallet

Most NFT projects launching on the Bitcoin Network use Ordinal-compatible wallets like XVerse or Hiro. Set up a wallet on the Xverse App and ensure to secure your seed phrase.

#2. Sufficient BTC

Ensure you have enough BTC in your wallet to settle the inscription fee on Luminex. You can deposit BTC into your wallet before the minting day to avoid delays and save as much time as possible when it’s time to mint.

Step-by-step process on how to participate in the Luminex Launchpad

Follow the following steps to participate in minting an NFT project on Luminex:

Source and Copyright © Xverse

Step 1: Provide Your Xverse BTC Payment Address

If you participated in the project whitelist, submit your BTC Payment address where specified to the project team.

Step 2: Deposit BTC into your Xverse BTC Payment Address

Go to your Xverse wallet and deposit BTC in your BTC Payment address.

Step 3: Visit the Project’s Minting Page on Luminex

Choose the project on the main page, visit the project’s page on Luminex in the “To Be Released” section.

Source and Copyright © Luminex.io

Step 4: Filter and Choose NFT

Filter the project’s artworks by attributes and select the one you want to mint.

Source and Copyright © Luminex.io

Step 5: Connect Your Xverse Wallet

Tap on the selected artwork and connect your Xverse wallet. If you were part of the whitelist, use the whitelisted Xverse address in Step 1 above.

Step 6: Verify the Receive Address

Verify that your review address is an XVerse Ordinal, i.e., taproot-recipient address.

Step 7: Mint your BTC Ordinal

Tap on “Mint,” then approve the Xverse transaction to authorize the process. The inscription’s commit and reveal transactions will be shown. And once confirmed, you’d receive the NFT in the Receive Address from Step 6 above.

Successful Luminex Launchpad Projects

Be warned that most of these early NFT projects will turn out to be scams, so be careful before investing in them. 

Here are some of the projects that have successfully launched on the Luminex launchpad:

#1. BGM (Bitcoin Genesis Meme)

BGM is a BRC-20 meme project that makes it easier and more fun to enjoy and appreciate the history of Bitcoin. That way, it encourages more people to explore and participate in the Bitcoin ecosystem. The project has a native token, $BGM+, and holders can access whitelists for future projects in its ecosystem.

BGM announced the public mint of its NFT collection, BGM Eggs, on Luminex.io in April 2023. The BGM Eggs is a collection of 2,100 Bitcoin inscriptions that provides exclusive early access to exciting projects in the BGM ecosystem. The mint lasted seven days, and there are 183 BGM Eggs minted on Luminex as of this writing.

#2. OMC (Ordinal Monkey Club)

OMC offers PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs which are not just collectibles but represent the community and help members to connect and share the community’s values. Their collectible stash consists of 400 unique monkeys on the Bitcoin blockchain. They announced their live OMC NFT minting on Luminex on the 12th of April this year.

At OMC, they aim to build an ecosystem where every NFT holder can participate in determining the direction of the community. With over 400 OMC Ordinals mined on Luminex, they are committed to creating a solid decentralized governance system to give everybody a voice, whether you’re a seasoned NFT collector or a blockchain newbie. The team recently announced a Gen 2 OMC NFT collection with new and exciting features.


DogePunks is a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs inspired by the popular Doge meme coin and the well-known Cryptopunks. It is a unique digital artwork with proof of ownership on the Bitcoin blockchain. These DogePunks are a variety of ape, normal, zombie, and alien designs with detailed and unique traits and minds of their own.

After launching with Luminex, its team continues to make reasonable advancements in Ordinals tech. In May, they announced the introduction of DogePunks DNA which uses the Generative BRC-721 standard to reduce the cost of launching new Ordinals by up to 90% or more.

Should I choose Luminex?

Luminex has launched some of the most notable Ordinals or NFT projects on the BRC-20 Network (as listed above), featuring thousands of users participating in the whitelists and minting processes of these projects. These projects have proved successful and seem to be advancing rapidly. 

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Luminex Launchpad to further assist prospective users in making informed decisions;


  • Smooth and secure minting experience
  • User-friendly and robust platform
  • Advanced cost efficiency technology.


  • Relatively young platform
  • Huge volatility of projects on the platform
  • Most NFT projects are likely to turn out to be scams, so there is a huge risk of losing money.

What Is the Future of Luminex?

Bitcoin Ordinals are a very new technology, only recently introduced in January 2023 to create NFTs by “inscribing” information to individual Satoshis. Luminex Lunchpad is only one of the innovative young platforms out there, providing the foundation for minting, whitelisting, and launching NFT projects on the Bitcoin Network. 

So far, several high-potential projects have launched on the platform, and there’s still room for innovation. The Luminex team seems current with the latest Ordinal trends and technologies, looking at their latest cost-efficient integration. So, it won’t be surprising to find them as an industry leader in Bitcoin Ordinals in the future.

Failure is also possible because it is a very young, high-risk and volatile market. In addition, we do not know the project team well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Luminex launchpad benefit users?

Luminex offers users a hassle-free and non-custodial minting experience and improved whitelist features. Users also enjoy subsidized inscription fees as well as advanced security against duplicate mints.

What Makes Luminex Special?

Luminex stands out among other Ordinal launchpads because of its thorough vetting process for only the most excellent NFT projects, thus building a transparent, trustworthy, and user-centric ecosystem. This is claimed by the creators of the platform, but we are not going to blindly believe it, so we warn about the possible risks of losing money, they are very high.

What are the upcoming project launches on Luminex?

The team at Luminex usually makes partnership announcements a week before the mint date, making it sometimes difficult to track future launches. Two of the latest projects launched on the platform are Sidekast and BitBirbs.

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