What is Gate.io Launchpad and How to Participate?

What is Gate.io Launchpad and How to Participate?


Discover the benefits and features of the Gate.io launchpad as it connects investors with developers. Make guided decisions on potential investments in token sales.

Launchpads are all the rage in the crypto community currently. They are a way to make new and potentially valuable tokens available to a large number of people with a relatively high safety degree. But considering so many platforms out there and more coming up, it is only wise to tread with caution when investing in a launchpad. For this reason, a deeper dive into the Gate.io launchpad is necessary. 

Gate.io is an exchange that readily lists new tokens, evident in its over 170 registered IEOs. This article expounds on what the Gate.io startup entails, what to expect, and what makes it different. So whether you are a seasoned investor or a newbie just entering the crypto space, you will get your answers. So without further ado, let's get to it.

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What Is Gate.io Startup?

Gate.io is an almost five-star exchange platform, according to Forbes. Moreover, it is one of the few crypto platforms trusted by many, the second most trusted after Binance. If you have been into crypto since 2013, you must have heard about this prestigious trading platform with its user-friendly interface. 

However, in 2019, Gate.io brought a new product to the market; the Gate.io Startup. It was well accepted by many users based on its contribution to the market as regards average returns. But not many people still understand what this Startup is all about.

So if you find yourself wondering what the Gate.io startup is all about and the idea behind it, read the following paragraphs carefully.

Gate.io startup is the IEO platform owned by Gate Ventures. The exchange verifies it, and users can gain access to new and promising projects. These projects usually become accessible here, even in their early inception stage.

The Gate.io startup vets these projects from top to bottom. The startup team ensures the project passes through all necessary evaluations. This includes the project's trustworthiness, financing, use cases, goals, and objectives. They also vet the team and everything involved in its operation.

Due to this high level of project evaluation, projects listed on Gate.io have been said to experience massive returns on investment. 

Imagine buying a share in one of the leading companies today, like Amazon or Netflix; by now, you'd be in the tens or hundreds of thousands. This is precisely how the Startup works; it opens up new and potentially great projects to the public and is easy to access. However, it is more like a fundraising operation at this level, and most investors are very skeptical about how to spend their money at this early stage.

So upon approval by the Gate.io startup team, the project must provide some vital information. This includes:

  • Token name and logo
  • Total supply
  • Blockchain type and address
  • The amount available in fundraising
  • Startup fundraising
  • Price of token and amount supplied for distribution

However, despite the rigorous vetting process by the gate.io startup team, as a user, you are still advised to do your research on each project. As said earlier, these projects are in their early stage; although appropriately vetted, nobody can provide an absolute guaranteed success. This is due to the cryptocurrency market's volatility and other technical issues that may arise along the way.

What Is IEO?

With over 20 000 cryptocurrency projects currently in existence, it’s interesting to find more springing up as the days go by. However, these projects don't just fall out of nowhere; they need some financing to succeed. As a result, several means are explored to achieve the funding required and keep developers and contributors in touch. 

Before the advent of IEOs, some developers often opted for venture capitalist funding. But as time went by and this method became more unreliable and time-consuming, the initial coin offering (ICO) was introduced. 

This includes minting, where the developers provide a specific amount of its coin to crypto asset holders before it launches. The native tokens were given in exchange for other stablecoins like Bitcoin, Eth, and USDT, in the way of crowdfunding for the project underway. But the minting process often experienced criticism from the cryptocurrency community, especially during the pre-sale.

By 2019, there came a more acceptable means of fundraising for new crypto projects; the initial exchange offerings (IEO). Now look at it this way, no crypto exchange wants to be a path or spare a failed project that will tarnish its reputation. 

As such, an initial exchange offering, as the name suggests, is a revolutionized form of ICO. The difference is that IEO provides some verification level by an exchange platform. So in the case of IEO, the project developers partner with an exchange. 

The exchange then vets the project and its viability, giving assurance and security to potential investors. This due diligence carried out by the exchange becomes the major highlight of IEOs and what differentiates it from other crowdfunding methods.

The process of IEO follows five major stages, all of which are:. 

  • Whitepaper Writing: This first stage has the developers or company drafting the needed information about the project. The whitepaper answers some undeniable questions about the project, like its funding source, objectives, payment medium, and platform.
  • Submission of Project: At this stage, the developers or company approaches an exchange of their choice. They bring up the exchange to date with the project and its motives.
  • Evaluation Process: This is the high point of the IEO, where the exchange goes to town to ask questions and vet the project. They perform due diligence by assessing the project's strengths and weaknesses and background checks on the team.
  • Contract Agreement: Once the project scales the vetting stage, the next is for the project pioneers to pay some fees and provide a specific utility token to the exchange. 
  • Security and Legalization: This stage differs according to region or country and involves proper regulation and legality of the process.

Why Is IEO Better than ICO?

ICO was the holy grail of Crypto projects before 2019; it created a noticeable buzz and attracted a considerable sum into the crypto market. However, as time passed, several loopholes resulted in birthing a new method that came into the mainstream. 

So to fully understand why IEO is better than ICO, looking extensively at the advantages that the IEO possesses compared to ICO is paramount. These are supposed loopholes of ICO that IEO filled up.

First, IEO benefits all parties involved, including the project's initiators and potential investors. ICO lacked the intermediary and vetting that IEO carries. As the exchange vets the projects, it gives it more credibility for potential investors.

Also, the project developers benefit from this process by getting a spotlight on possible shortfalls that may have hampered their project in the future. On the other hand, the potential investors benefit by being relatively sure of their investment. 

This rigorous vetting process for compliance with the necessary regulations provides safety for everyone on the platform they sell. Every business strives to protect its reputation, so no exchange will want to list a failed project that will tarnish its image.

Furthermore, in the case of ICOs, anyone can purchase any amount of tokens from anywhere. However, with IEO, interested investors must be a part of the platform they want to buy from. Doing so ensures that only those fully verified go home with the token in their wallet. Aside from that, IEO also provides a clear-cut token valuation, one thing that gives it an edge over ICO tokens. This helped eliminate scammers from the scene and made IEO tokens more trusted.

Gate.io Startup: What Is in it for You?

Let's take another dive beyond the core trading service offered by Gate.io into its innovative opportunity granted to its users, the Gate.io startup. This gives Gate.io users the privilege to participate in emerging cryptocurrency projects in their early stages while playing safe in the market. 

But what has this innovation got to offer for the web3 era? What are the products Gate.io startup offers? And what is it in for the potential investors? Let's find our answers in the following sections.

Gate.io Startup for Products

Gate.io startup offers an opportunity that many would seek, a chance to get the best projects right in their production state before they go global and become highly valued. The products span various crypto areas like nonfungible tokens (NFT), decentralized finance (DeFi), video games, and so much more.

So by getting in on the Startup, you have a rare opportunity handed to you, the privilege to be a part of the next big thing in the cryptocurrency world even before it happens. Imagine who was a part of the Eth and Bitcoin journey from when it started; you can guess what they're by now.

In other incentives for its users, Gate.io randomly gives airdrops, so VIP users can take part in startup projects for airdrops without making any payments. In addition, Gate.io startups offer products that are lottery based and go to who comes first.

Gate.io Startup for Investors

For the investor, the startup section differs from a regular pre-sale platform. It is a unique ecosystem that brings investors an emerging market token. By being a part of these young projects, you can be a part of something big in the future. 

Also, the careful vetting of the projects helped to eliminate doubt and refined Ponzi schemes that will pose the form of a good project. 

The startup platform also brings the investor to the project developers. It also creates a community of like minds in the crypto industry through engagement with project teams and investors. This aspect contributes something beyond just making a financial profit. It creates ground for information sharing, networking, and building profitable relationships with enthusiasts in the cryptocurrency world.

Also, with a reputable exchange like Gate.io startup backing an IEO token, investors no longer have to go through taxing verification processes as found in blockchain ICO. Instead, they have to verify once with the exchange and then stay verified. Also, the exchange conducts the legal and economic verification of the project for you as an investor.

ICO is biased towards small and medium investors. ICO occurs in three levels: private sale, pre-sale, and main sale. But the Gate.io Startup removes these barriers and allows equal access to the token.

Gate.io Startup for Web3 Era

Launchpads generally have become the central portal of various technologies like NFTs and other crypto assets. As such, Gate.io is a pioneering web3 ecosystem that promotes the recognition and adoption of new and promising web3 tokens and technologies.

One major contribution of the Gate.io startup in the WebEx era is the introduction of a direct p2p. It achieves this by connecting investors directly to developers on one transparent platform. 

Also, this means that it achieves the decentralized goal of the web3 era by providing a level playing field for investors of all levels.

Through this inclusivity, Gate.io Startup ensures that power and wealth are evenly distributed among members of the community and not left in the hands of a selected few.

How to Participate

As outlined above, being a part of the Gate.io startup has many perks. But you must satisfy certain criteria before you can be certified to participate. First, you must create a Gate.io account via the official Gate.io website, click sign up or register, then provide all required information and a strong password. 

After registering, ensure to complete KYC verification. When you have done that, see below for a step-by-step process to participate in the Gate.io Startup.

  1. Once you're on the Gate.io website, on the homepage, expand the ‘trade”  dropdown and click "Startup."
  2. The next page will display finished and in-progress projects. Click on your preferred project "in progress.
  3. Sign the agreement and click on next.
  4. Input the order amount.
  5. Confirm the subscription and input the fund password.
  6. Voila! You have successfully subscribed to a project on gate.io Startup.
  7. Finally, go back to the homepage and click "order," then choose "classic account" to view the results of your just concluded transaction.

You must complete KYC and be a VIP member of gate.io to participate in Startup. Alternatively, you must hold a minimum of 500 US Dollars in your wallet to proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few questions other crypto enthusiasts often ask.

What Is the Minimum Deposit Amount in Gate io?

There is no minimum deposit amount on Gate.io. However, all users must remember that fiat currency is not supported.

Does Gate.io Have a Launchpad?

Yes, it has. The Gate.io Launchpad allows crypto projects to raise capital for their token. 

Is Gate.io Startup Profitable to Use?

Gate.io Startup is the most profitable IEO platform of 2019 and has conducted eight IEO.

Why Use a Launchpad for Crypto Project?

Using a launchpad to launch a crypto project gives founders and investors the security they desire to carry out their businesses.

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