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Attack On Titan’s 4th and final season is in full swing. Will AoT NFTs be the next big thing?

Attack On Titan’s 4th and final season is in full swing. Will AoT NFTs be the next big thing?


Attack On Titan is a Japanese manga series written by Hajime Isayama. Since its debut in 2009, the series has become a global phenomenon, with a dedicated fan base worldwide

“There have been series that changed things up as they progressed, but AoT didn’t just change a few characters and elements. It straight-up just changed the entire genre of the show. What blows my mind is that it does it so casually and feels like a natural progression. Season 3 may have been a culmination of everything that has been building up, but season 4 is the evolution! We are so far from anything the show was initially set up that it’s almost unrecognizable. Forget about humanity’s epic battle for survival against monsters! It’s a complex political war thriller with heroes and villains on either side without distinguishing who or what you should be rooting for.“

Attack on who?

Attack On Titan follows the story of Eren Yeager, a young boy who embarks on a journey to protect his home from giant humanoid creatures known as Titans.

With its mix of horror, action, and thrilling plot twists, Attack On Titan has captivated millions of viewers since it debuted in 2013. The story is fast-paced and unpredictable, with each episode revealing more about the characters and their mission to take down the Titans. The stakes are high, and the tension is palpable, making Attack On Titan one of the most exciting anime series around.

Signature style

Attack On Titan is renowned for its unique art style that differentiates it from other anime and manga series.

The character designs are distinct, their exaggerated features making them immediately recognizable. The action scenes feature dynamic, sweeping shots that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the fight. The backgrounds are detailed and expansive, immersing the viewer in the story.

Overall, Attack On Titan's art style does a great job of conveying the scale and intensity of the series. It's also many things that make the show so exciting to watch. Think camera swinging around in the first Matrix or the best of The Transporter fights.


Why buy AoT NFTs?

“Anime as an industry is expected to be worth $43 billion by 2027, with the Attack on Titan anime show becoming the most-watched show in the US. There were 110 times more viewers than the average.

Considering these statistics, the growth potential of the anime industry through NFTs is huge.”


Anime NFTs are (you guessed it) NFTs based on anime. These two industries go well together: they both center around fantasy worlds, creativity, bright new things, and insanely complicated systems that lie underneath seemingly simple interfaces. No wonder AoT NFTs are expected to be a big deal in the future!

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Not “Titanic” Titanic potential, but colossal potential. You know what we mean.

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