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Join the Metatime's MetaAirdrop and Earn Massive Rewards

Join the Metatime's MetaAirdrop and Earn Massive Rewards


Metatime, a Turkish blockchain company is currently running MetaAirdrop, an unprecedented airdrop event exclusively for its digital asset, Metatime Coin (MTC). With a 200 million MTC reward pool, MetaAirdrop aims to bring together participants from all corners of the globe.

MetaAirdrop operates using advanced artificial intelligence data collection tools. The event features a MetaLeaderboard, where participants can accumulate MetaPoints (MTAp) by completing various tasks. Participants will have the chance to take part in the MetaAirdrop events until January 1, 2024.

The distribution of MTCs within the reward pool for each month will be determined by the monthly Leaderboard. Participants will be ranked based on their accumulated MTAp, and on the first day of the following month, the Metatime Coins in the reward pool will be distributed among users based on their respective rankings. To ensure fairness, the MTAp scores in the Monthly Leaderboard will reset every month, granting equal opportunities to all participants.

Consequently, the MTCs earned through the MetaAirdrop reward system will not be subject to vesting, preventing any potential negative impact on investors and MetaAirdrop users.

In order to enroll in MetaAirdrop participants are simply required to visit Metatime.com, where they can create a new account. Registration can be completed using an email address, phone number, or popular cryptocurrency wallets such as MetaMask and Trust Wallet. Once registered, participants can begin completing tasks and collecting their well-deserved rewards. For more details refer to this Medium article.

Metatime represents a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain-based platforms that empower users to engage with the exciting Web3 world. At its core, the protocol serves as a development platform for blockchain applications, utilizing the advanced Metatime Virtual Machine (MVM) for executing smart contracts and fostering decentralized applications.

Driving its consensus algorithm, Proof-of-Meta (PoM), Metatime leverages the powerful MetaAnthill. This unique algorithm is a hybrid amalgamation of three consensus algorithms: Meta Proof-of-Stake (MPoS), Meta Proof-of-History (MPoH), and Meta Proof-of-Social Work (MPoSW). Built on the robust Java programming language, the protocol optimizes the synchronization between network nodes and the devices hosting them. By analyzing a user's device, MetaAnthill efficiently allocates resources for validators, ultimately enhancing network synchronization.

The Metatime ecosystem boasts an extensive range of products, including MetaChain, MetaWallet, Metatime Coin, MetaExchange, and MetaNFT. The company has garnered support from notable investors, including angel investors and entities like Yildiz Tekno Venture Capital Investment Trust and Yildiz Technical University Technopark. Through crowdfunding, pre-sales, and angel investments, Metatime has successfully raised a total of $38 million, with backers from Turkey, Denmark, and Germany.

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