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Mixin Network Offers Hackers To Keep $20 Million

Mixin Network Offers Hackers To Keep $20 Million


Mixin Network hackers managed to steal $200 million dollars. The protocol developers discovered that the cloud service provider had been hacked. Mixin Network is asking the hackers to return the funds, keeping $20 million for themselves.

It's been a few days since the Mixin Network hack. The developers involved Slowmist and Google in the investigation of the incident. Today, the Mixin team sent the hackers an onchain message asking them to return the stolen assets. The message states that most of the stolen assets belong to users of the protocol, and Mixin hopes the hackers will return the money in exchange for a $20 million bounty.

Interestingly, this tactic has been employed by many crypto projects affected by hacks this month. Coinex, which lost $54 million in crypto asked fraudsters to negotiate. HTX exchange, which lost about 5,000 ETH, asked the scammers to return the stolen funds, keeping 5%. Moreover, Justin Sun offered the hacker a position as a security consultant. In fact, the hackers did not respond to any of the three offers.

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