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NASA Has Confirmed Its Plans To Use Blockchain To Prove The Upcoming Moon Landing

NASA Has Confirmed Its Plans To Use Blockchain To Prove The Upcoming Moon Landing


The first human landing on the Moon is still causing controversy about its existence. NASA is in full preparation for the second human landing on the Moon and has thought about how it can prove the authenticity of the mission. At the moment, there is only one technology that can give maximum transparency in this matter. NASA has begun working with Lonestar to develop a blockchain solution for storing data on the Moon.

NASA and Lonestar plan to send the necessary data cubes (including on humanity, just in case) to the Moon in February 2024, which will be verified back on Earth via blockchain. This is a necessary step in the Artemis 3 mission, with the ultimate goal of landing a team of astronauts on the lunar surface in 2025. In November 2024, the final preparatory phase of the mission will take place, with a team of astronauts flying around the Moon.

Lonestar's blockchain solution will be solar-powered and will not require any separate infrastructure. A group of astronauts landing on the moon will be able to use the data cubes to check the state of the moon. Their interactions can also be verified and validated via blockchain. Therefore, NASA intends to dispel once and for all the doubts and conspiracies about the upcoming lunar mission.

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