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Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet Launches with Airdrop Opportunities

Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet Launches with Airdrop Opportunities


Taiko a ZK-EVM scaling solution for Ethereum recently launched the Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet, named Grímsvötn. Early users of the Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet now have the opportunity to potentially earn substantial rewards.

This testnet plays a vital role in evaluating the economic design and implementation of new protocols, including fee and reward structures. Early users of the Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet now have the opportunity to potentially earn substantial airdrop rewards. For more details, read this dedicated article

Additionally, Taiko has partnered with Galxe to launch an engaging campaign aimed at educating users about the platform in a fun and interactive manner. 

Taiko Quest includes a series of tasks such as following Taiko on Twitter, reading articles, and taking quizzes. Each completed task earns participants loyalty points, which can be tracked and compared on the Galxe leaderboard. These loyalty points serve as proof of participation and may unlock potential future rewards.

Taiko plans to roll out more quests throughout the summer, featuring hands-on onchain tasks like bridging and swapping, exploring the dapps ecosystem, and various other activities. 

Taiko is a decentralized Layer 2 blockchain protocol, which leverages the power of the Zero Knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (ZK-EVM) and ZK-Rollup technology. By utilizing cryptographic proofs to validate transactions, ZK-rollups deliver heightened efficiency and security compared to traditional optimistic rollups.

Taiko's primary objective is to provide developers and users with a scalable and efficient platform for decentralized applications (dApps), empowering them to harness the potential of Ethereum Layer 1 (L1) without requiring any modifications to their existing dApps.

Taiko's technical structure comprises three essential components: the ZK-EVM circuits for proof generation, the Layer 2 rollup node for managing the rollup chain, and the protocol on L1, which bridges these two elements to enable rollup protocol verification. These interconnected components ensure seamless compatibility with Ethereum L1, providing developers and users with a familiar experience.

Taiko has successfully raised $22 million across two funding rounds. Led by Sequoia China and Generative Ventures, these funding rounds attracted participation from esteemed investors such as BAI Capital, GGV Capital, GSR Markets, IOSG Ventures, Kucoin Ventures, Mirana Ventures, OKX Ventures, Skyland Ventures, Token Bay Capital, Yunqi Partners, and numerous other prominent contributors and community members from the Ethereum ecosystem.

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