Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson

Charles Hoskinson is an American entrepreneur and expert in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He is notable for co-creating Ethereum and founding Cardano, which is a third-generation blockchain platform.

Personal Stats 

Age: 35
Source of wealth: Product development 
Residence: USA
Citizenship: USA
Marital status: Unknown 
Education: Metropolitan State University of Denver


Hoskinson attended Metropolitan State University of Denver and the University of Colorado Boulder. However, while Hoskinson claims that he dropped out of a PhD program, it has been revealed that the former university did not have a graduate program in mathematics. It was verified that he attended Colorado Boulder as a part-time undergraduate math major but did not obtain a degree from the institution. Additionally, Hoskinson repeatedly claimed that he had worked for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), but DARPA confirmed that he had not been employed by the agency


 In 2013, Hoskinson collaborated with Vitalik Buterin and a number of other software developers to establish Ethereum with the intention of developing a decentralized platform for the construction of decentralized applications (dapps) and smart contracts.

As the Chief Executive Officer of the Ethereum Foundation and the person in charge of the research and development activities for the project, Hoskinson was instrumental in the early stages of the creation of Ethereum. Despite this, he parted ways with Ethereum in 2014 as a result of conflicts regarding the project's governance and strategy.

In 2015, Hoskinson established IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong), a blockchain research and development business. The company's primary mission is to construct blockchain platforms that are both secure and scalable.IOHK has provided financing for a number of research labs devoted to blockchain technology around the world. Some of these labs can be found at the University of Wyoming, the University of Edinburgh, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology. 

IOHK is in charge of the development of Cardano, which Hoskinson refers to as a "third-generation" blockchain platform. This platform has been designed with the intention of resolving the problems of scalability, interoperability, and sustainability that were encountered by earlier blockchain systems.

Cardano was first introduced to the public in 2017, and since then it has grown to become one of the largest and most well-respected blockchain systems in the cryptocurrency market. Cardano has accomplished a number of key milestones as a direct result of Hoskinson's leadership. 

Personal Life

Born in 1987 in Hawaii, Charles Hoskinson grew up in a family of doctors. With his parents and brother being medical professionals, Hoskinson initially aspired to become a surgeon. However, his early curiosity and interest in computers turned into a lifelong passion.

Social Media 

Twitter - https://twitter.com/IOHK_Charles




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