What Is AvaCoin and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR

What Is AvaCoin and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions and DYOR


The new Avacoin Telegram clicker, an analogue of the already well-known Notcoin, is gaining momentum. The project promises to pay money for clicks right now, but is this true? Let's figure it out together in this article.

If you are interested in the sensational Notcoin project, then most likely you have already heard about the new AvaCoin clicker, an analogue of the Notcoin game. If not, then now we will fix it and together we will figure out what lies behind this project, whether it is a scam or not.

Reviews and opinions about AvaCoin: X, Reddit and Telegram

The principle of operation of this project is the same as that of Notcoin: you click on a virtual coin and collect points. You can farm 7,500 points per day for free. But at the same time, the project promises that, having scored 400,000 points, it will be possible to receive a reward of about 67 USDT. You can earn money, supposedly, right now and not wait for the Notcoin listing. But is it true? 

Avacoin, just like Notcoin, provides an opportunity to use a boost for farming, but there is one catch: in Notcoin, you can “buy” a boost for free collected coins, in Avacoin you need to buy this boost for $30.
Doubtful, but OK.

The project is quite new and it is difficult to find some information and honest reviews. But on X everywhere you can come across posts that say that using AvaCoin, fast money is a reality. Of course, all this is very similar to a scam.


— Degreat Ventures (@Itodo1989), February, 29, 2024

A large number of similar and positive reviews are probably related to the fact that if you share a referral link, points are collected even faster. Of course, users, in this case, are more willing to advertise the project.

It is also interesting that under its posts in X, the Avacoin project often uses the hashtag #notcoin — they are probably trying to jump on the hype train.

As for Reddit, you can't find any information about the project there at all. Only the account of an online game called Avakin pops up, in which, apparently, you can also farm coins called Avacoin. 

Is it the same project? We can only guess, since there is no information about this on the network.

However, if you study their Telegram channel more deeply, you can stumble upon various group chats, including in Russian. In one of these chats, we found interesting comments about the project:

Hello, I still haven't received the money on the balance.
The support replied that everything should be, but there is still no money. The transaction is visible, I have transferred everything. I started 5 at first, they came almost immediately. But the second transfer of $26 has already been going on for two days

— Alexander

Quite a lot of people have not received the promised money:

Hello! 30 dollars have not been credited to the account… I've already written to the post office, and I've written here too. It's been about 5 days already

— Oxana

It's a weird business. It's better to abstain for now.

— Игорь

The positive feedback about the project on X seems very suspicious. They are all too similar to each other and, most likely, this is a publicity stunt. But comments in Telegram chats make you think seriously. It definitely looks like a scam.

Avacoin on social networks

We have not found the website of this project. But Avacoin is very active on X and Telegram.

Platform X Telegram
Follower 4,9k 24,6k
Comments an average of 10 comments

there are no comments, but there are 6 different language chats,

and the Russian chat has the most active discussions

Reposts an average of 30  ------
Activity low low

The project does not have a website, but you have the opportunity to follow the news of the project and ask questions on Telegram. Spoiler: Your question will most likely not be answered or answered out of the box. The project is very active on X, but the audience in the comments is quite silent. Either they have very modest subscribers, or it's all one big scam (which is most likely).


Who are you, wars? — We would like to ask the founders of the project. But unfortunately, we don't know anything about them. The only feedback that can be received from them is a response in the Telegram chat support or by mail. And then, not always.  

Such projects with completely anonymous executives and founders are a red flag for obvious reasons. There is a difference in the concepts of anonymity and pseudonymity. This is crucial in the context of cryptocurrencies. Anonymity completely hides a person's identity, while pseudonymity allows you to identify a person without revealing her true identity. Anonymous founders of dubious crypto projects can use their anonymity to hide their true intentions and avoid responsibility.

Tokenomics and current price

Of course, the project does not have any tokenomics. It is usually noted by projects on their websites — but AvaCoin does not have one.

The price of the coin varies depending on the price of gold on the world market (or on the mood of the developers). A certain number of coins can allegedly be exchanged for one gram of gold and receive money. Now the project offers $67 for 400 thousand units of "gold dust”, i.e. collected coins. 
Since only 7,500 coins can be collected for free per day, it will take about 54 days to collect enough coins to withdraw funds.

A dubious pleasure.

Bottom line: Is Avacoin a scam or not?

Avacoin — memcoin of the future or a scam? The project hiding behind the veil of secrecy is attracting more and more attention, but it also raises many doubts. We have not found the official website, and the lack of information about the team and the concept of pay-to-boost make us think: is it worth investing in a project that seems secretive and not at all community-oriented?

Yes, the project promises to pay the money now and not wait for the listing of Notcoin. But how can you invest your money in a project without knowing anything about it at all? While the co-founder of Notcoin participates in podcasts and openly shares information with the community, the founders of Avacoin prefer to remain in the shadows.

Yes, Avacoin arouses people's interest by bribing them with the opportunity to earn easy and fast money, but this is followed by a number of contradictions. Followers of the project are being pushed into meaningless investments, while many payments have not reached them. And there is no one to show it to: the founders of the project remain in the shadows. It looks like a classic scam. We strongly recommend not to participate in such projects, this is due to the risk of losing money. Investors are reminded of the importance of conducting their own analysis and DYOR, but for now:

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