Notcoin Listing Update: What Happens on April 20?

Notcoin Listing Update: What Happens on April 20?


The long-awaited listing of Notcoin is set to take place on April 20, coinciding with the Bitcoin halving, a significant event in the crypto world.

On April 1st, the Telegram-based gaming project, Notcoin, wrapped up its mining chapter, and the team has set a listing date for their much-anticipated cryptocurrency on April 20. 

The countdown to the Notcoin listing started on March 31, linking it to the Bitcoin halving. On the same day, users had the opportunity to vote for the conversion rate of gaming coins to $NOT tokens, and most people chose "1,000,000 Notcoin gaming coins equals 1,000 $NOT".

Notcoin was launched in January 2024 and quickly gained popularity thanks to its straightforward gameplay and appealing game rewards. 

Despite initial uncertainty regarding the possibility of exchanging game coins for real cryptocurrency, the team eventually confirmed that an airdrop would be conducted through The Open Network. 

However, the developers behind Notcoin, called Open Builders, have delayed the token mint a few times, having first promised to release it in January. Later, they said the token launch was expected at the end of March or the beginning of April, but now it looks like April 20 is the planned date.

After the mining phase was over, the Notcoin team shared some achievements:

  • The game attracted almost 35.2 million users, which is 0.44% of the Earth's population.
  • 94% of players joined the game through invitations.
  • More than 8.8 trillion clicks were made on smartphone screens.
  • 53,782 squads were formed.
  • 2 million players reached the Diamond League.
  • 17 trillion coins were destroyed.

Notcoin Recent News

On March 8, the team launched a P2P pre-market for NOT on the Getgems platform, allowing users to convert their Notcoin game balance into NFT vouchers and trade them. In the future, it will be possible to exchange these vouchers for NOT.

At the time of writing, an NFT voucher for 10 million game coins is being sold for about 52 dollars in Toncoin (TON) through the GetGems market. The trading volume of Notcoin vouchers has already exceeded 14 million dollars.

Recently, Bybit announced the opening of the pre-market for the NOT token. A pre-market is a platform for trading new tokens before their official listing, allowing buyers and sellers to set quotes and make transactions at pre-determined prices.

On April 1, The Open Network also launched the first full season of The Open League, which should attract more projects to the network. The TON Foundation will distribute 30 million Toncoin (about 115 million dollars) among users and developers as rewards for their activity and contribution.

What’s Next?

If the token is eventually launched, it could increase in value thanks to the loyalty of players. But even if all this turns out to be just an April Fool's joke and the coin ultimately becomes worthless, it still was an interesting experiment, proving the exceptional loyalty of Telegram users, the popularity of meme coins, and the undying interest in clicker games combined with easy profit.

Currently, coins remain frozen in users’ accounts. Trading of vouchers is still available without restrictions on GetGems and Shardify. Notcoin will continue to function in the existing official bot, serving as a platform for confirming participation in the conversion, checking the number of tokens users will receive after conversion.

The price of Notcoin is still unknown but will be announced soon. Thus, we are on the threshold of the long-awaited listing of the $NOT token, which players have been eagerly awaiting to see a smooth and successful launch.

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