Notcoin Price in 2024: Future Outlook NOT and Market Analysis

Notcoin Price in 2024: Future Outlook NOT and Market Analysis


Notcoin (NOT) is a highly popular play-to-earn game within the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem. In mid-May 2024, the NOT coin went public and was listed on several centralized crypto exchanges. Notcoin has ambitious plans for its growth and integration within the crypto world. Read our article to learn more.

Notcoin (NOT) is a highly popular play-to-earn game within the TON (The Open Network) ecosystem. The app initially launched as a tap-to-earn game, where users could earn NOT tokens by simply tapping the screen. This simple yet engaging concept quickly became popular on Telegram, with users "mining" tokens by tapping an icon. Today, the coin is minted on the TON blockchain and is traded on several crypto exchanges.

Within a few months of its launch, Notcoin attracted over 35 million active users. In mid-May 2024, the NOT token went public and was listed on several centralized crypto exchanges. Notcoin was the first Telegram game to introduce the clicker model, where users earned in-game currency by pressing a button. It was also the first to transition away from this model, adopting a more sustainable approach.

For several months, Notcoin players earned tokens by tapping a virtual coin and completing various tasks. With all the coins now in circulation, the play-to-earn phase has concluded. Notcoin has now entered its next phase: explore-to-earn.

Future of Notcoin 

Notcoin has ambitious plans for its growth and integration within the crypto world. In a recent interview, Notcoin founder Sasha Plotvinov shared his vision for the future of the project. Sasha does not believe that button-masher games will find long-term success. "I do not expect it will last forever," he said. "I do not expect it will have any sustainability. From my perspective, only the games that have sustainable models will survive."

Sasha pointed out several games with sustainable models, citing Catizen as an example. According to him, more than half of Catizen's users are paying customers, and the game has generated millions of dollars in revenue.

For Notcoin's future, Sasha plans to move away from the clicker game model. Over the next four years, he aims to make the project independent of the team by building sustainable and efficient subsystems. One current focus is to provide campaigns within the Notcoin app that let users earn Notcoin by interacting with other, newer Telegram games. This approach is designed to make Notcoin a hub for kickstarting other ecosystem projects, stimulating demand for Notcoin, and burning some tokens in the process. Sasha expects these campaigns to increase to 50 to 100 per week. "It's like farming, but not for providing liquidity, but providing your time and attention. This model allows us to be sustainable because we don't have to print new Notcoins," he explained.

Sasha also mentioned other potential subsystems, such as contests, incentives for contributors, game platforms, and even a decentralized university based on AI content open to anyone. "We experiment with this. Some models will die, some will evolve and become successful, and so on," he said.

Plotvinov summarized the results of the Notcoin airdrop, noting that users received about 90% of the token issuance. According to his data, 30% of Telegram Premium users play Notcoin. 

The highest demand for the game was observed in Russia, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, the USA, Germany, and Iran. However, users from Iran were not provided with the opportunity to withdraw funds. 

Notcoin Updated Tokenomics

In a recent announcement on its social media platforms, Notcoin revealed an update to its tokenomics. The company has burned NOT tokens worth $3 million, drastically reducing the overall token supply. Additionally, they introduced an incentive plan valued at $4.2 million, aimed at rewarding Gold and Platinum users on the Notcoin Explore platform.

Notcoin Price Analysis

On May 16, 2024, NOT tokens became available for transferring and trading with TON, USDT, and BTC pairs on Telegram’s crypto wallet. That same day, NOT was listed on major crypto exchanges, including Binance, OKX, and ByBit. According to CoinMarketCap, NOT opened at $0.01078 on May 16, 2024, reaching a session high of $0.01445, which remains its all-time high. However, NOT ended its first trading day over 40% below its opening price. The decline continued for the next ten days, with the token hitting a low of $0.004605 on May 24, 2024.

By June 1, NOT had rebounded to around $0.0128. It peaked at $0.0227 on June 4 and saw another high of $0.0210 on June 24.

As of now, NOT is trading at $0.01503, marking a gain of nearly 180% within a month. The current market cap is $1,522,962,023 USD, with a 24-hour trading volume of $366,859,317 USD.

Source & Copyright: TradingView

Future Prospects of Notcoin

The outlook for Notcoin and the TON ecosystem in 2024 appears promising. Market analysts highlight TON’s strong relationship with Telegram as a significant competitive advantage for the L1 blockchain. Pantera Capital, a prominent crypto hedge fund, cited “Telegram’s vast user base and seamless UX” as key reasons for making its “largest investment ever” in TON. Similarly, CQ Ben of CryptoQuant noted that TON and BNB are the only major L1 chains to have significantly outperformed Bitcoin this year.

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov has also endorsed Notcoin on his telegram Telegram channel shortly after the listing. Durov also disclosed that the NOT tokens gifted to him were worth over $6.8 million. He pledged to hold onto his NOT tokens until they reach a value of $680 million, which he plans to use to buy more servers for Telegram. At present, Durov holds about 1% of NOT’s total supply.

While specific predictions are challenging at this time, the overall market sentiment appears optimistic. This positive outlook is driven by the innovative features and ambitious roadmap of the Notcoin team, along with the robust support of crypto community. As always, we strongly recommend conducting your own research (DYOR) and exercising caution with investments.

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