Pavel Durov after Interview with Tucker Carlson: about TON and Telegram in Dubai LIVE

Pavel Durov after Interview with Tucker Carlson: about TON and Telegram in Dubai LIVE


Cryptonica is excited to be attending Dubai's premier cryptocurrency event of the year, TOKEN2049, where Pavel Durov is scheduled to speak following his interview with Tucker Carlson. We will be providing live text updates on the major events.

Pavel Durov spoke at a conference in Dubai and talked about changes in Telegram related to the TON blockchain. You can read more details in our news.

April 19th

The market is recovering, bitcoin is rising again, and the TOKEN2049 conference continues. Today is the main day, because at 15:20 local time Pavel Durov will take the stage.

One of the media stars of the crypto, Arthur Hayes, heated up the audience. He was attended by a full hall - a thousand crypto-enthusiasts, but he said nothing new, except for the classic phrases. Yes, there is a global crisis coming due to the problems of the U.S. financial system. Yes, there are traditionally great difficulties with the price of real estate. Therefore. choose Bitcoin! The classic Hayes Doctrine, which recommends not procrastinating and buying today. What are you all waiting for, he asks people again, why do you need a bull market, buy now! Well, the position is clear and already boring, but we still recommend to think with your head, assess the risks and make a decision not based on the words of populists.

April 18th

The highlight of TOKEN2049 on Thursday was undoubtedly Hasbik's appearance, which caught the attention of the paparazzi. Clearly, this was more intriguing than many of the day’s other presentations, where speakers often offered little more than clichés like "blah blah" and "Bitcoin is cool; it'll soon hit $100K," along with a plethora of similar messages from all sides.

While Bitcoin continues to experience a baffling sideways trend, far from the $70,000 mark again, thousands were captivated by talks from crypto notables such as Balaji Srinivasan discussing a utopian network state. The technical sessions were quite engaging, focusing on substantial discussions, though they remained complex and not easily understandable for the general public. Meanwhile, the more accessible talks speculated on which meme coin might next rise to prominence—though, regrettably, without conclusive answers.  Generally, the event was dominated by broad statements and announcements about new protocols that, in truth, only their developers fully understand.

Everything is expected to come together on April 19, when Pavel Durov will take the stage. Depending on his speech, we might be able to declare TOKEN2049 a celebration of technological innovation and eccentricities. Until then, let's enjoy the spectacle around Hasbik.

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Here is what we reported from the TOKEN2049 conference on April 18:

There is a lot of talk about BONK, which can be called one of the major memcoins in recent times. Crypto market experts at a conference in Dubai are actively discussing who will be the next BONK. Meanwhile, the memecoin market, including BONK itself, is experiencing a downturn. In less than a month, BONK's price has halved, and its market capitalization has dropped below $1 billion. Despite these setbacks, the trend for Solana-based memecoins persists, with BONK still serving as a key benchmark.


As Bitcoin prices stabilize around the modest $60,000 mark, discussions at the TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai are turning towards the upcoming Bitcoin season expected to start post-halving on April 20. Predictions for Bitcoin’s price vary widely, ranging from a conservative $150,000 by the end of 2024 to a more ambitious $1 million. Despite the varying forecasts, a sense of unwavering crypto-optimism pervades, with hardly any critical voices. This unanimous optimism raises the question: are we entering a new bull cycle? A glance at the broader market reveals a more complex situation.
So, the TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai is in full swing, despite the weather difficulties of the last few days. Insiders on stage are already making predictions, calling Ethereum the most promising cryptocurrency of the next five years (what a surprise!), as well as some memecoins like the familiar Doge.

Binance CEO Richard Teng cautioned that stricter regulations could pose the main risk in the coming year, while crypto luminary Balaji Srinivasan shared his continued fascination with the concept of a decentralized network state.

April 17th 

Hello everyone, we're kicking off our live text coverage from the main cryptocurrency event of 2024—the TOKEN2049 conference in Dubai, running from April 18 to 20. We're anticipating a host of fascinating developments: key insights, major announcements, and of course, a presentation by Pavel Durov. He's scheduled to speak on April 19 at 11:20 GMT, as noted in the program.

On the eve of the conference, Dubai experienced severe flooding, but conditions are expected to improve by Wednesday.  According to information directly from the organizers, the event will proceed as planned, and Cryptonica will be on-site to bring you the latest news and updates on this page, as well as through separate articles and reports on our website.


The main news stream will start on April 18, but in the meantime,  bookmark this page and stay tuned for the most pivotal insights from the crypto world.

Meanwhile, the world community is discussing the news about Pavel Durov's interview with journalist Tucker Carlson. The interview, which lasted 3 hours and was released in video format, as Pavel promised on his Telegram channel.  It will be intriguing to see what new insights Durov will share at TOKEN2049, which is set to commence under challenging weather conditions. Although the weather in Dubai is now warm and drying, many areas remain significantly affected by the recent floods, posing various challenges.

Stay tuned for more updates

Main photo source and copyright: Cryptonica/Techcrunch/CC BY 2.0

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