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Top 10 Crypto Launchpads

Top 10 Crypto Launchpads

Top 10 Crypto Launchpads

Discover what crypto launchpads are, how can they contribute to high quality crypto projects growth and what are the top launchpad platforms in the industry. Jump to our article to find out more

10 Best IDO/ICO Launchpads for Crypto Projects in 2023

The cryptocurrency industry is witnessing the launch of thousands of innovative projects that are making a significant impact on society and contributing to blockchain technology growth. However, many of these groundbreaking technologies would have never taken off without the help of crypto launchpads.

Launchpads have become a key driving force behind the growth and evolution of the crypto space. For those aiming to launch their own cryptocurrency or those looking for promising high-quality crypto projects to invest in, finding the right launchpad is crucial. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging for project owners and crypto investors to identify the ideal launchpad that aligns with their specific needs and goals. In this article, we will guide you through some of the most popular crypto launchpads platforms out there.

What is a Launchpad? 

A launchpad is a platform that helps new cryptocurrency and blockchain projects raise funds and gain exposure to their ventures.  Simply put launchpads allow crypto investors to discover promising high-quality crypto projects and buy their native tokens at a lower price, and once they are listed publicly they can gain profit when the token value rises. These launchpad platforms also help new project owners by making it easier for them to connect with crypto investors and crypto enthusiasts.

Launchpads typically work by offering a pre-sale of a project's tokens to a select group of investors, often at a discounted price. These pre-sales are usually structured as "initial coin offerings" (ICOs) or "initial DEX offerings" (IDOs).

ICOs typically involve selling tokens on a centralized exchange, while IDOs take place on decentralized exchanges. In either case, the launchpad platform provides a layer of security and trust, ensuring that crypto investors receive their tokens and that cryptocurrency/blockchain projects receive the funds they need to continue development.

What Security Measures do Launchpad Platforms Enforce?

The most reputable launchpads have strict vetting processes in place, thoroughly screening potential projects before allowing them onto their platform. These vetting processes often include an extensive Know Your Customer (KYC) process, completed through a third party. Criteria considered during the vetting process may include real-world impact potential, team size, past experience in the sector, expertise in crypto-based fields, and marketability.

A robust KYC/AML process is at the core of launchpads' anti-fraud and anti-scam measures. This process is essential to verify the identity of both investors and projects, ensuring accountability and identifying bad actors or high-risk projects. By vetting investors and projects through KYC/AML, launchpads can effectively weed out potential fraudulent or failed projects, protecting the interests of investors and maintaining the integrity of the platform.

Once a project has been selected, the launchpad platform will help the project to create a token and set a price for the pre-sale. The platform will also help to market the pre-sale to its community of investors, creating a buzz around the project and generating interest.

How to Choose a Crypto Launchpad?

Launchpads vary in their offerings, providing different benefits to both investors and project owners. The best launchpads prioritize intuitive and customizable usability, while also implementing robust measures to reduce the risk of fraud, which is unfortunately still a prevalent issue in the crypto space.

However, determining which launchpad to use, whether you are a project owner or investor, involves considering a wide range of factors.

One crucial factor to consider is the platform's reputation for security and legitimacy. While most top launchpad platforms have established reputations, not all platforms share the same trustworthiness. Therefore, it's advisable to conduct independent research on the launchpad before investing any money.

Another critical factor to consider is the launchpad's past performance. While past performance doesn't guarantee future success, it can be a reliable indicator. Platforms that have a track record of incubating high-quality projects are more likely to continue this trend going forward. However, a launchpad with minimal selection criteria may occasionally promote a promising project but could also promote less valuable investment opportunities.

It's also essential to consider the information provided by the launchpad. Some platforms may not be transparent with token sale information such as Total Value Locked (TVL), number of previous projects, or the number of participants. Therefore, it's best to choose platforms that provide as much relevant information as possible.

The type of tokens supported by the launchpad is also a crucial factor to consider. Launchpads can accommodate either ICO or IDO, depending on the platform's specific goals and business philosophies. Investors and project developers should check whether the launchpad lists ICOs, IDOs, IECs, or a combination of them all.

Additionally, investors and project developers should consider the blockchain(s) supported by the launchpad. Some crypto launchpad platforms only support projects from specific chains, while others have innate interoperability. The long-term success of a new project could be dictated by the success of the chain it's built on. Therefore, investors who don't believe a particular blockchain has long-term viability should avoid platforms operating on that network.

Moreover, investors should consider supported cryptocurrencies. A token sale platform usually allows users to lock up digital assets to participate in token sales. Some platforms may require a native utility token, while others may accept popular stablecoins such as Tether (USDT) or Binance USD (BUSD).

Lastly, investors should consider the trading fees. While most token sales and launchpads don't charge fees directly, there may be some form of transaction fee. Therefore, it's worth comparing launchpad platforms to ensure that it's still cost-effective to participate when accounting for additional fees.

Our Picks for The 10 Best Crypto Launchpads

Now let’s jump to the top crypto launchpad projects that we’ve picked for you.

#1. Binance

Source and Copyright: © binance.com

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide and the parent of Binance Smart Chain (BNB chain), with millions of daily trades and 60M+ monthly visits. It's a hub for everything crypto and offers its own launch platform for new products. Binance Launchpad has strict selection criteria, only accepting the best projects. Once adopted, Binance provides full support, including consulting, marketing, and token listing. Binance seeks innovative projects that engage its community and the wider crypto sphere, offering a secure platform for new teams to enter the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Binance Launchpad Pros Binance Launchpad Cons
Exposure to a large Binance userbase worldwideMinimum protection against the pump-and-dump scheme
Access to world-class liquidity in multiple trading pairs  "Lottery system" approach                              
Robust anti-whale measuresSignificant number of blockchain startups are expected to face failure

#2. ByBit 

Source and Copyright: © bybit.com

ByBit is a popular exchange known for offering derivatives and margin trading, without requiring verification for trading. ByBit has a Launchpad for initial token sales, supporting IDOs (Initial Dex Offering) and IEOs (Initial Exchange Offering). Investors can participate by locking up Bybit's native token BIT or certain stablecoins. ByBit Launchpad has supported 22 projects, with over $3.6B committed and 1.3M+ unique participants. The process involves a snapshot period, commitment, distribution, and allocation of results.

Bybit Launchpad Pros Bybit Launchpad Cons
Low transaction feesLimited information about the project team, technology, and other key details for investors
Potential for high returns  (100%+ for some crypto launchpad projects)A limited selection of projects, which may not appeal to all investors                     
High liquidity No KYC procedure 

#3. GameFi

Source and Copyright: © gamefi.org

The GameFi launchpad enables early access to blockchain-based games through IGOs (Initial Game Offerings). Early-stage investment is often used for game development, providing initial funding for gaming concepts and bringing blockchain gaming visions to life.The platform also offers a vast range of educational content covering various trends and metaverse-related topics. GameFi has hosted various IGOs such as Epic War, League of Kingdoms, STEPN, Codyfight, and Monsterra.

GameFi Pros GameFi Cons
4 different tiers optimized for different projects    Niche launchpad              
The dividend for stakes is nearly 51%

#4. Gate.io

Source and Copyright: © gate.io

Gate.io is a major crypto exchange and operates a successful incubator for IDOs and IEOs called Gate.io Startup. This platform has launched over 642 crypto projects. Launched in March 2022, Gate.io Startup features extensive due diligence, rigorous vetting process fraud protections, and secure participation options, such as free airdrops, token locks, and "share" commitments. Full funding must be reached by the end of the incubation period for the token sale to succeed.

Gate.io Pros Gate.io Cons
Free airdrops and lotteries
Due to a large number of token sales, not all projects may be high-quality or successful
Low fees and easy signup requirements The user interface is not user friendly           
A wide variety of new projects 

#5. DAO Maker

Source and Copyright: © dao.maker

DAO Maker stands out as an IDO launchpad that targets retail-oriented startups and investors. It helps reduce risks for people who want to participate in venture capital.  It also offers seamless integration with 1inch, Wanchain, Ronin, and other decentralized exchanges and blockchain platforms.  It invests in growth technologies while also funding ecosystems that develop methods to reduce risks associated with crypto investing. To launch a project on DAO Maker's IDO platform, seamless integration is available with 1inch, Wanchain, Ronin, and other platforms.

DAO Maker Pros DAO Maker Cons
Strict due diligence Low accessibility due to the strict selection process
Launches high-quality projects

#6. Polkastarter

Source and Copyright: © polkastarter.com

Polkastarter is a launchpad that runs on Polkadot network, enabling project owners to conduct secure and decentralized ICOs. Its technology includes cross-chain token exchanges that prevent market manipulation by large investors, or "whales". Polkastarter has successfully launched 106 projects, making it a highly active launchpad.

Polkastarter Pros Polkastarter Cons
Interoperability with different blockchain Complex for the average user
Transparent IDO fundraising process 

#7. Ethereum 

Source and Copyright: © ethereum.org

Ethereum launchpad has its own token launch platform, where users can establish their own Ethereum-powered cryptocurrency prior to conducting an initial coin offering (ICO). The launchpad is powered by the Ethereum blockchain, and token sales are managed by smart contracts.

Ethereum Pros Ethereum Cons
Strict due diligenceOnly EVM-compatible projects

#8. Firestarter 

Source and Copyright: © firestarter.fi

FireStarter is the first launchpad for Initial Metaverse Offerings, operating on the Polygon network for DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Social Token projects. It allows new crypto projects to quickly gain followers and funding, and investors can purchase $FLAME for pre-sale access and early participation. FireStarter supports community-driven projects that helps crypto investors willing to become a part of metaverse-integrated projects in their early stages. It also expands the reach of projects via partnerships with influencers and celebrities.

Firestarter Pros Firestarter Cons
Aims to host diverse projectsNiche launchpad
Metaverse oriented launchpad

#9. Seedify

Source and Copyright: © seedify.fund

Seedify is an innovation hub for the blockchain ecosystems that include a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) -driven seed-stage fund. It is a decentralized incubator that supports crypto projects through community governance, feedback mechanisms, and

Seedify Pros Seedify Cons
DAO-based launchpad, the community is entrusted with decision making Expensive entry

funding opportunities.

#10. TrustPad

Source and Copyright: © trustpad.io

TrustPad is a decentralized platform that offers fundraising across multiple blockchains, providing early-stage investing and fundraising to organizations that value safety and equal token allocation. It integrates seamlessly with various blockchains, including Binance, Solana, and Ethereum. TrustPad's goal is to provide a frictionless fundraising experience, allowing users to earn on their investment and learn more about blockchain operations and transactions. The platform caters to businesses of all sizes to ensure a successful IDO.

TrustPad Pros TrustPad Cons
Multichain platformHas restrictions for several countries
Fully decentralized 

Launchpads Stats




Capital RaisedMarket Cap
Binance 33$ 128.22M    $ 17.77B
Bybit        23 $ 23.60M   $ 828.37M
GameFi         55$ 7.68M  $ 111.52M
Gate.io         306 $ 155.01M $ 4.03B
DAO Maker      113   $ 51.83M  $ 923.28M
Polkastarter       106   $ 32.31M  $ 536.94M
Ethereum         8$ 2.78M    $ 42.05M
Firestarter        8$ 1.69M    $ 8.37M
Seedify           57  $ 19.40M$ 111.88M
TrustPad            84$ 13.59M $ 149.27M

Final Words for Investors. Be Vigilant

Here are some other crucial factors to consider when choosing a launchpad:

Project developers: Investing in token sales from developers with a proven track record in the community is a wise strategy for risk mitigation. While this approach might eliminate some investment opportunities, it can make investing in IDOs and IEOs a less stressful experience. Look out for well-known developers who have previously released successful projects or have extensive industry experience.

Do Your Own Research: Most launchpads provide only basic information on their upcoming projects. It is essential to visit the project's website, and social media pages, and read the whitepaper (if available) to make an informed investment decision.

Beware of rug pull schemes: Fraudulent schemes have become increasingly common in the cryptocurrency market due to the decentralized and unregulated nature of the industry. Rug pull refers to cases when certain investors or developers buy up all the tokens offered, create hype, and watch the price soar dramatically. Once the coin reaches a high price, the creators suddenly sell their own coins, causing the value of the coin to drop significantly, and investors are left with worthless coins. 

Invest responsibly: Never invest more than you can afford to lose. Cryptocurrency startups are known for being high-risk investments. Remember that a token sale is a high-risk, high-reward investment.

Competitors research: Investing in a project that offers the same thing as an established app, platform, or blockchain is pointless. Determine the sub-sector of the blockchain industry that the project will exist in and whether it offers unique features or functions that will make it stand out. If not, it might get lost in the crowd.


Participating in launchpads can be an excellent opportunity for both investors and crypto startups. The infrastructure provided by some of the most renowned launchpads has helped to ensure that hundreds of innovative ideas in the industry do not go unnoticed. 

It is worth noting that ICO/IDO events do come with inherent risks, which some may prefer to avoid. As always it is highly recommended to do your own research be it developers looking for gaining exposure to their blockchain startups or seasoned crypto investors. 


What is the difference between ICO and IDO? 

ICO and IDO are both ways for blockchain projects to raise funds, but ICOs are typically conducted on centralized platforms while IDOs take place on decentralized exchanges

Which crypto exchange has a launchpad platform?

Such crypto exchanges like Binance, Gate.io, KuCoin, ByBit, Kraken among others. 

How many crypto launchpads are there?

Currently, over 30 launchpad platforms are available on the market.

Is it good to invest in a launchpad? 

On one hand, crypto launchpads give investors the opportunity to unveil promising new projects when they hit the market for the first time. However, it can be risky, as there is no guarantee that the projects launched on the platform will turn into successful projects.

Does Coinbase have a launchpad? 

Coinbase does not have a launchpad platform as of the time of this writing.

How to choose a crypto launchpad?

When choosing a crypto launchpad, one should consider factors such as the platform's reputation, the quality of projects launched, and the availability of tokens.

How can investors choose the right IDO project?

Investors can choose the right IDO project by conducting thorough research on the project owners, whitepaper, developers' tools, and global community, as well as evaluating the tokenomics and potential for growth.

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