What Is OpenSea Pro and How to Use It?

What Is OpenSea Pro and How to Use It?


OpenSea Pro is a marketplace platform that caters to buyers and sellers of NFTs who engage in high-volume transactions. Read more about using the platform in our article.

OpenSea Pro is a marketplace platform that caters to buyers and sellers of NFTs who engage in high-volume transactions. The platform enables users to access listings from more than 170 NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea. OpenSea Pro boasts of having the most optimized gas fees of any NFT aggregator and provides live, cross-marketplace data. Moreover, it offers inventory management tools that simplify the process of purchasing and listing items in bulk. The platform also allows users to mint NFTs, eliminating the need for potentially harmful third-party websites or contracts.

OpenSea Pro offers users a new level of optionality, selection, and control. Its development was built on the foundation of Gem's past designs, which means that it benefits from the experience and expertise of the Gem team. OpenSea Pro's features are more advanced and reliable, which gives users the ability to locate the best deals and insights across a vast range of marketplaces. Additionally, OpenSea Pro provides users with sophisticated tools to automate various processes.

Main Features of OpenSea Pro

OpenSea Pro does have a lot of advantages over the other platforms through its extensive list of features. Some of these features include

  • Live Cross-Marketplace Data with Faster metadata/collection updates
  • Advanced Orders
  • Powerful Inventory Management
  • Instant Sales
  • Most Optimized Gas Fees and a 0% listing fee
  • Mobile Compatibility
  • Watchlist
  • Live Mints Overview
  • Batch Transfer
  • Bulk purchases, offers, and listings

However, keep in mind that the 0% listing fee is not a permanent feature. According to the published blog announcement, you will be able to list on OpenSea with the 0% listing fees through OpenSea Pro without any additional fees, but only for a limited promotional period.  After that, the fees on OpenSea will eventually return to their standard 2.5%.

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Free OpenSea NFT

Both OpenSea and Gem have always believed in rewarding the community members for their interaction with the platform and the support they offer. As a result, even with the launch of OpenSea Pro, they have decided to award users with something.

As a part of the celebration of this new update, the Gem team doesn’t just extend its gratitude to the users but is also planning on giving an incentive to the members of their community who have been loyal users from the very start. In order to monumentalize their journey, they will be dropping the ‘Gemesis’ NFT as a “special ‘thank you’ for Gem’s early adopters.”

The reward process started on 4th April 2023 and will go on till the 4th of May 2023, which is a month long time span. The users who have actually purchased a non fungible token on the Gem platform before the 31st of March, 2023, are the ones who will be considered qualified for the reward. All the eligible users can claim a Gemesis NFT, which will be completely free for them, till the end of the rewarding programme (May 4, 2023).

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Is an OpenSea/Gem Token Coming?

At the moment, OpenSea has not made any official announcements about releasing a token. However, there have been reports that the platform is following in the footsteps of other marketplaces, such as Blur, and exploring the idea of tracking usage to potentially release a token at a future date. This is an exciting development that could provide more opportunities for NFT collectors and sellers to earn rewards and incentivize usage on the platform. With OpenSea’s focus on innovation and evolution, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the platform continue to explore new ways to enhance the NFT marketplace experience for all users.

How to Use OpenSea Pro?

To use the NFT-marketplace OpenSea Pro, you need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet. 

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Select the wallet you want to connect to OpenSea Pro. Be careful: OpenSea is considered a reliable resource, but even such projects can be attacked by hackers. So always think about which wallet to use.

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Once your wallet is connected, you can use the OpenSea Pro interface, explore collections, and buy and sell NFTs.

OpenSea Pro and Blur

Opensea and Blur have always been the biggest names in the space of NFT marketplaces. Even though OpenSea is a pioneer in a sense and is considered the largest marketplace, Blur has been quickly growing in its presence. Not only did it shoot up in popularity, but it also launched its own token which led to massive growth for the platform.

However, OpenSea has decided to launch the OpenSea Pro at an impeccable time. Recently, Blur announced that they extended the farming period for the season 2 rewards programme and justified this move by stating that they are in fact “working on something new”. This announcement was met with mostly negative reactions. The major reasons for the adverse response can be attributed to the fact that because of the extension, the collectors are getting bored, the flippers are facing a lot of frustration and even airdrop farmers are getting tired.

In this scenario, OpenSea couldn’t have announced their upgrade at a better time since the OpenSea Pro is essentially their “trader solution”, an ultimate solution for everyone from whales to daily traders and from degens to beginner users.

There is a lot of frustration that is setting in in the NFT market, especially because of the change in perception of NFTs. The huge trends that were once soaring last year touted NFTs as the next cool things, however now the “value” or “appeal” of collecting NFTs is slowly dissipating. There is a new wave where NFTs are being assumed as any other monetary asset class like stocks or crypto coins or jpeg files.

However, the situation is not as bleak as it may appear or sound. This sort of frustration and fatigue in the industry is definitely leading to a very amplified and high level of competition between leading NFT marketplaces. When two platforms compete it only ends up in a domino effect that benefits the users of both the marketplaces eventually.


To summarize the entire situation we have at hand, it can be said that the NFT market is headed in the right direction right now. We are bound to witness some major improvements that will lead to significant growth in the industry. With increased inflow, adoption and benefits that the upgrades of the NFT space will offer, we can definitely speculate an upward trend on the horizon. Through the course of the next few months or maybe even a few years, it is for sure that all platforms including Opensea and Blur will be competing in the race of attracting your trading activity. At this pace, they will be pushed to innovate at a much faster rate, which is only going to benefit you as the user.

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