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Tsunami Finance Invites Early Supporters to Take Part in Tsunami Seasons

Tsunami Finance Invites Early Supporters to Take Part in Tsunami Seasons


Tsunami Finance, a margin trading and spot exchange platform operating on the Aptos blockchain is offering its active early users a chance to be part of Tsunami Seasons.

The project’s docs states that the governance token NAMI is underway. Taking part in Tsunami seasons comes with the potential for an airdrop reward once the NAMI token is officially released. Tsunami Seasons represent specific periods during which users can accumulate Points on the Tsunami platform and progress through various tiers that unlock rewards. 

To participate in Tsunami Seasons, users need to visit the Tsunami Finance website and connect their Aptos wallet. From there, they can engage in various activities that accrue Points, thereby increasing their chances of receiving attractive rewards. 

The accumulation of Points is influenced by actions like keeping positions open for longer durations, conducting trades with larger sizes, and participating in coin swaps, additions, and withdrawals that align with the target weights of the basket. Furthermore, users have the opportunity to refer friends to the platform, allowing both the referrer and the new user to earn at least 2000 Points. Using Tsunami Finance's bridge powered by LayerZero and Wormhole technology may also make users eligible for LayerZero and Wormhole speculative airdrops.

During the public alpha launch of Tsunami Finance, all users are eligible for leaderboard points. The more Points a user accumulates, the higher their tier, which translates into even greater rewards.

Tsunami Finance is a platform that provides both margin trading and spot exchange capabilities on the Aptos blockchain. It offers a unique trading experience, featuring 0% price impact, known exit liquidity, low funding fees, a narrow spread, and collateral that appreciates in value over time.

Tsunami Finance also enables liquidity providers (LPs) to earn passive real yield with lower risk compared to traditional 2-pool automated market makers (AMMs). Simultaneously, the platform's leveraged trading service has historically generated significantly higher fees over time than AMM alternatives.

Tsunami Finance's pooled LP token (TLP) mitigates impermanent loss risks by diversifying holdings among blue-chip cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. Additionally, it maximizes rewards by generating leveraged trading fees alongside swap fees. The anticipated NAMI token is expected to offer additional perks to users, such as discounted trading fees and access to exclusive features.

Tsunami Finance raised $1.3 million in pre-seed funding round led by Big Brain Holdings from investors like Pontem, Builder Capital, Brilliance Venture, and ZetaMarkets.


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