What is Bcoin 2048 and how to play it?

What is Bcoin 2048 and how to play it?


Bcoin 2048 is another Web3 game in the TON ecosystem. How to play it, how does it differ from its competitors and what does 2048 mean? All this and a little more you will learn in this article.

Bcoin 2048 — what is it and how to play it?

Doodle Jump, Fruit ninjas, Subway Surfers — do you remember all these legendary games? You're already shedding one or the other nostalgic tear, aren't you? And what about the game 2048? Probably, many of you now remember how to put tiles with numbers together for hours? All these games were once very popular, and maybe someone still puts 2+2 together on their smartphone. We have good news: now there is a new Web3 game that repeats the principle of 2048 — Bcoin 2048. The developers have decided to revive the old legend and give users the opportunity to make money on it as well. How exactly this works and what secret is behind the number 2048, we will find out in this article. Let's go!

What is Bcoin 2048?

Recently, a new game called Bcoin 2048, which is part of the TON ecosystem, was presented at the TON Society Summer Open League Summit in Moscow. Bcoin 2048 is a game where everyone can mine Bcoins (not to be confused with Bitcoin!) by simply putting tiles with numbers together. Those who have no idea what 2048 is at all and what we are talking about, we explain: the game 2048 was invented by an Italian programmer in 2014 and quickly gained popularity. Despite its simplicity and simple graphics, this game has become very popular all over the world (even among those who hate math, and that's supposed to mean something).

Bcoin 2048 works on the same principle (and even looks almost identical). The goal of the game is to move the tiles with the numbers in four directions and add them with a "value" of 2048 and thus earn points. To do this, you not even have to be a mathematical genius (or Archimedes). But just in case, we will analyze the mechanics of the game in detail for you.

How to play Bcoin 2048?

To enter the game, you need to go to the official Telegram bot, as usual. But there is a catch: unexpectedly for us the following notification appears:

Surprisingly, no bot has previously requested such access to personal information, such as the IP address. This is a reason for reflection. Perhaps the best solution is to launch into the game not from the main account, but maybe even from the second smartphone. Well, or even not to start at all, the decision is up to you. But since we are here for you, we had to agree to the notification to get into the game. In addition, it seems that you can trust developers who have worked at Sber and Yandex (probably, haha. However, any crypto project can turn out to be a scam, always remember this). 

Fewer words, more actions! We are finally in the game. What next? Actually, everything is quite simple. 

The game has the following indicators:

  • Energy
  • Earned Coins
  • Attempts
  • Best result

In addition, there is a referral system (which is not surprising), where we receive 50% of the earnings from friends and 25% of the earnings from friends of our friends.

The rules of the game are the same as in 2048, but just in case, let's explain everything in detail once again:

  • The player moves the tiles with numbers across the field. All tiles move in the chosen direction (up, down, right, left) until they collide with another tile or edge of the field.
  • When two tiles with the same numbers collide, they are combined into one tile, on which the number doubles (for example, two tiles with the number 2 become one tile with the number 4).
  • After each turn, a new tile with the number 2 or 4 will appear on the playing field.

The game will continue until a tile with the number 2048 is created or there are no free spaces for new tiles on the playing field and it is not possible to make a move. But you can continue the game further and try to get tiles with even larger numbers and continue collecting coins. 

That's it! A piece of cake!

About the project

Unfortunately, there is little information about the Bcoin project on the network. It is still difficult to say when the token will be listed (and whether at all). But we know a lot about developers, and this definitely inspires confidence:

  • The Chief executive Officer (CEO) of the Bcoin project is the former managing director of Sber.
  • The CTO (CTO) of the project is a former employee of Yandex Games.
  • Game designer of the project — works at ZeptoLab.

The developers spoke at the TON Society Summer Open League Summit in Moscow and briefly talked about what Bcoin is — we left a link to the post and speech here.

In general, the project has a lot of potential, the guys know their business and inspire confidence. But do not perceive Bcoin 2048 as a way to make money (at least for now). Just enjoy the game and earn coins in parallel. And what will happen next and how the project will develop, we will see in the future.

Social networks of the project

The project has a Telegram channel with 244 thousand subscribers. Most likely, as is usually the case, most of the followers are bots. Nevertheless, you can find out about the latest news and updates of the game on the channel. The activity is not bad, but the comments are disabled. 

There is also an official account on X (Twitter). Almost 61,000 followers. Remarkable! However, there are no news and posts there.  All that is present on this account is a single mysterious repost:

That's probably all. We couldn't find the website or any other social media accounts. It should be noted that the project is still very fresh, and perhaps surprises are still waiting for us. But whether they will be pleasant, only time will tell. Do not lose your vigilance and always check projects yourself before investing time and money. And we will continue to keep you informed about new and old projects and help you not to get into the networks of scammers.


Bcoin 2048 is an interesting project, especially for those who have spent a lot of time on the mobile game 2048. To date, there is enough information about the project on the network — probably due to the fact that it is still quite fresh. We will not judge the project ahead of time. Is it worth investing money in such a new project? Probably not. But it doesn't matter if you want to remember the good old days and play a little Bcoin and collect coins (and maybe remember your math lessons in school).

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