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10 Best ASIC Miners for Mining Cryptocurrency in 2023

10 Best ASIC Miners for Mining Cryptocurrency in 2023


We've put together a list of the 10 best ASIC miners for cryptocurrency mining in 2023. We'll discuss their features, specs, and other important factors in this article.

Cryptocurrency mining has become one of the most popular ways to make money in the digital world. More people are getting involved in this lucrative industry with its ever-increasing popularity and value. But with so many ASIC miners on the market, it can be difficult to determine which ones offer the best performance and features for your needs. 

That's why we've put together a list of the 10 best ASIC miners for cryptocurrency mining in 2023. We'll discuss their features, specs, and other important factors. In addition, we'll provide a comparison chart to help you make the best choice for your mining needs. Finally, we'll cover the environmental impact of these miners to help you decide if mining is the right option for you.

Before compiling the list of the 10 best ASIC miners for mining, we must know what mining is and what ASIC Miner is. 

What is Mining, and How Does it Work?

Mining is the process of verifying cryptocurrency transactions and adding them to a ledger or blockchain. Miners use powerful computers to solve complex algorithms in order to earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. Moreover, they are responsible for keeping the network secure and running smoothly. 

How Does it Work?

Mining is the process of validating and adding transactions to a blockchain. Miners use powerful computers to solve complex cryptographic puzzles in order to earn a reward in the form of newly created cryptocurrency. This process is known as "Proof-of-Work" because it requires the miner to expend energy in order to solve the puzzle. These powerful computers are known as ASIC miners.

What is an ASIC Miner?

An ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miner is a specialized computer hardware device designed to efficiently mine cryptocurrencies, particularly those that use Proof-of-Work consensus algorithms like Bitcoin.

Unlike general-purpose computers such as laptops or desktops, ASIC miners are purpose-built for the sole task of mining cryptocurrencies.

ASIC miners are highly optimized for specific hashing algorithms used in cryptocurrency mining, making them extremely efficient in terms of computational power and energy consumption. They consist of custom-designed integrated circuits that are specifically tailored to perform the required calculations for mining a particular cryptocurrency.

The main advantage of ASIC miners over general-purpose computers is their ability to perform mining operations significantly faster and with much greater efficiency. This speed and efficiency result from the hardware's dedicated design, eliminating unnecessary components and focusing solely on the mining process.

ASIC miners are particularly popular in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem, where the competition for mining rewards is fierce. The difficulty of mining Bitcoin has significantly increased over time, and ASIC miners have become the primary choice for serious miners due to their superior performance and energy efficiency.

Important Note: ASIC miners are not suitable for all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies that use different mining algorithms or employ ASIC-resistant mechanisms aim to maintain a level playing field for miners, preventing the centralization of mining power. These cryptocurrencies typically favor mining with GPUs (Graphics Processing Units) or CPUs (Central Processing Units) to ensure wider participation.

List of Top ASIC Cryptocurrency Miners

Now that we have a better understanding of what mining and ASIC miners are let's look at the 10 best ASIC miners for cryptocurrency mining in 2023.

Bitmain Antminer S19 XP Hyd (255Th)

Source and Copyright © Bitmain

The S19 XP Hyd is a cutting-edge Bitcoin mining device manufactured by Bitmain, a renowned industry leader in mining hardware. This machine, introduced in October 2022, represents an upgraded iteration of the highly popular Antminer S19 Pro model.

With a hash rate of 255 Terahashes per second (TH/s), the Antminer S19 XP Hyd surpasses the majority of competing mining machines in terms of hashing power. However, it is important to consider that a power consumption of 5304 watts accompanies this impressive hash rate. Consequently, potential investors should evaluate the electricity costs associated with running the device, particularly in relation to the local kilowatt-hour pricing, as this factor may influence their decision.

This model is equipped with a water-cooling mechanism, replacing traditional fans, resulting in a relatively quiet operation at approximately 50 dB. This characteristic distinguishes it from most fan-cooled mining machines, making it an attractive choice for individuals who prioritize a quieter mining environment. 

Note: This mining machine is not recommended for countries with high electricity costs.

Bitmain Antminer S19 XP (140Th)

Source and Copyright © Bitmain

The Bitmain Antminer S19 XP (140Th) is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency mining machine designed and manufactured by Bitmain, a leading company in the field of mining hardware. With an impressive hash rate of 140 terahashes per second (Th/s), it offers miners unparalleled computational power for efficiently mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In addition, it has an energy efficiency rating of 3010 watts which is lower than the majority of similar mining machines, making it a great choice for miners who need an efficient device.

This mining rig features four fans to cool the unit, which, unfortunately, creates a much higher noise level of around 75 decibels. Despite this, the S19 XP is an excellent choice for miners who are looking for a high hash rate with lower power consumption. 

Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro – 110TH/s 

Source and Copyright © Bitmain

The Antminer S19 Pro is a high-performance cryptocurrency mining machine developed by Bitmain. It is a powerful ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miner specifically designed for mining Bitcoin and other SHA-256-based cryptocurrencies. The S19 Pro boasts a hashrate of up to 110 terahashes per second (TH/s), making it one of the fastest miners available on the market.

Equipped with advanced semiconductor technology, the Antminer S19 Pro offers efficient and stable mining operations, maximizing profitability for miners. It features a robust cooling system with multiple fans (4 Fans) and heat sinks, ensuring optimal temperature control and reducing the risk of overheating.

With its power efficiency (Power consumption of 3250W±5%) and high hashrate, the Antminer S19 Pro is popular among professional miners and mining farms. It is equipped with Bitmain's proprietary mining software and easily integrates with mining pools and management platforms.

Bitmain Antminer S17

Source and Copyright © Bitmain

The Antminer S17 (56Th) model, manufactured by Bitmain, is specifically designed for mining the SHA-256 algorithm. With an impressive maximum hashrate of 56Th/s, it offers substantial computational power. The device efficiently utilizes a power consumption of 2520W, ensuring a balance between performance and energy efficiency. This powerful mining rig from Bitmain excels in delivering high-speed processing capabilities, making it an excellent choice for miners seeking optimal performance in the realm of SHA-256 algorithm-based mining operations.

The Antminer S17 is equipped with four temperature-controlled fans, ensuring optimal cooling while limiting noise levels to 82 decibels. This ASIC miner is a reliable and powerful device suitable for miners who prioritize performance and energy efficiency. It is compatible with the most popular mining pools, making integrating into any mining setup easy.

Canaan AVALON Made A1366

Source and Copyright © Canaan

The A1266 by Avalon is a cutting-edge Bitcoin mining rig crafted by Canaan, a renowned Chinese manufacturer. It was introduced in November 2022 as an eagerly anticipated upgrade to the widely acclaimed A10 model.

This mining machine boasts an impressive hash rate of 130 TH/s while consuming 3250 watts of power. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly interface that enables effortless device configuration and performance monitoring.

To safeguard against overheating, the A1266 is equipped with six fans, ensuring optimal durability. However, it's worth noting that the machine operates at a notable noise level, measuring 75 decibels.

Canaan AVALON miner 1246

Source and Copyright © Canaan

Canaan, a renowned Bitcoin mining hardware company known for its high power consumption, manufactures the ASIC mining device. It comes with 90th/s with 3420 watts. This miner allows you to efficiently mine Bitcoin and other SHA-256 algorithm coins, offering a power efficiency of 38J/TH. 

To ensure optimal cooling, the device is equipped with high-temperature-resistant 12038 cooler master fans. The front of the miner features two 7-blade fans that effectively draw in air, while the fan design and integration prevent dust accumulation on the dashboard.

By preventing the accumulation of dust, the device minimizes the risk of short-circuiting during operation. Additionally, it incorporates an automatic alert system that notifies you if the machine malfunctions and detects any tampering with the hash rate. In such cases, the device will shut down automatically.

Moreover, the device includes a built-in chip that employs intelligent algorithms to analyze the hash rate and detect fluctuations, ensuring stable performance.

MicroBT WhatsMiner M56S

Source and Copyright © MicroBT

Introducing the WhatsMiner M56S by MicroBT, our final inclusion in the top-tier Bitcoin mining hardware lineup.

With an impressive hash rate of 212 Terahashes per second, the MicroBT WhatsMiner M56S stands as one of the most formidable Bitcoin miners available today. However, it's important to note that this exceptional hashing power comes at a cost. The power consumption of the WhatsMiner M56S reaches 5550 watts, prompting potential investors to meticulously assess their electricity expenses vis-à-vis potential profits, ensuring profitability with this machine.

Moreover, the M56S employs advanced water-cooling technology, setting it apart from conventional fan-cooled Bitcoin mining devices. Consequently, it operates with significantly reduced noise levels, emitting a mere 45 decibels, thereby offering a more serene mining experience. This feature is particularly attractive for miners who prioritize a quiet and comfortable working environment.

The Whatsminer M56S offers a powerful combination of hashing power and efficiency. It is the perfect choice for anyone looking to maximize their mining income without compromising on overall performance. 

MicroBT Whatsminer M50S

Source and Copyright © MicroBT

The MicroBT Whatsminer M50S is another great option for those looking to invest in a powerful and reliable Bitcoin mining machine. This model, which was released in July 2022 by China-based MicroBt, is renowned for its excellent build quality and top-notch performance.

The M50S offers a relatively low hash rate of 126 TH/s, but it is well suited to those who prioritize energy efficiency. In fact, it has one of the lowest power consumption ratings on the market at 3267 watts, making it ideal for miners who need to keep electricity costs to a minimum.

Additionally, the machine has two fans, ensuring it runs relatively quietly at 75 decibels per second. Thus, it offers a good balance between power and noise, making it one of the best Bitcoin mining hardware options today. In addition, it is the perfect choice for miners looking to invest in a reliable and long-lasting mining machine.

MicroBT Whatsminer M30s++ 112T

Source and Copyright © MicroBT

The MicroBT Whatsminer M30s++ 112 T is one of the best Bitcoin mining hardware available on the market. With a respectable hash rate of 112 terahashes per second (TH/s), it is perfect for serious miners who are looking to maximize their returns.

Moreover, the M30s++ is an exceptionally energy-efficient device, offering a power efficiency rating of 31 joules per terahash – one of the highest on the market. This makes it a great choice for miners who need to maintain an efficient mining operation without compromising on performance.

Additionally, the unit is compatible with all other SHA-256 cryptocurrency coins, making it a perfect choice for miners who are looking to diversify their portfolios. Upon purchase, it comes with a limited warranty of 6 months and offers high hashing power. It comes with 2 cooling fans and operates at a noise level of around 75 decibels.

DragonMint T1

Source and Copyright © Halong Mining

The DragonMint T1, a relatively low-performance ASIC mining device (16 Th/s) with a very low power consumption of just 1480 Watt, was developed by the Halong Mining Company to cater to the demands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts from regions with high electricity costs. Designed to effectively mine various cryptocurrencies utilizing the SHA-256 algorithm, it offers remarkable capabilities. Initially introduced to the market in 2018, the development of this cutting-edge device involved a collaboration between Halong Mining and a Bitcoin Core developer, ensuring its optimal performance and compatibility. 

The DragonMint T1, a high-performance ASIC mining device, was developed by the Halong Mining Company to cater to the demands of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Designed to effectively mine various cryptocurrencies utilizing the SHA-256 algorithm, it offers remarkable capabilities. Initially introduced to the market in 2018, the development of this cutting-edge device involved a collaboration between Halong Mining and a Bitcoin Core developer, ensuring its optimal performance and compatibility. The device boasts power unit certifications from reputable institutions such as the FCC, EMC, LVD, and CE, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. This certification offers peace of mind to users, guaranteeing the device's safety and adherence to electrical requirements.

To address the challenge of maintaining optimal operating temperatures during intensive mining sessions, the DragonMint T1 utilizes an advanced temperature control technique. This innovative cooling mechanism ensures that the device remains within acceptable temperature ranges, even when subjected to heavy workloads. It employs two 9-blade variable revolution 1480W fans running at 240V, effectively dissipating heat and preventing the device from exceeding 77 degrees Fahrenheit. This meticulous cooling design safeguards the longevity and stability of the DragonMint T1, enabling miners to operate it with confidence and reliability.

Should You Use ASIC Miners?

This is the most pertinent question, and several factors are involved in using ASIC miners, like economic viability, environmental impacts, hashrate, and security considerations. Economically it is important to factor in the power consumption and electricity cost, among other things. 

In terms of environmental impact, ASIC miners can be a major source of carbon dioxide emissions if not carefully managed. This is especially true for older models that are less energy efficient than their newer counterparts. Additionally, ASIC miners can pose a security risk if they are left unsecured and accessible to malicious actors. 

But nowadays, due to global warming and environmental consciousness, some miners are opting for renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power instead of the traditional fossil fuel-powered grid. This drastically reduces mining operations' carbon footprint and helps promote a more sustainable future.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on the miner's individual needs and requirements. 

It is recommended to research and weigh out the pros and cons of each mining option before making a purchase. 

Compare the ASIC Cryptocurrency Miners

This table gives you a comprehensive comparison of the 10 best ASIC miners discussed in this article. 

Model Manufacture Hashrate Power Consumption Cooling System Noise Level
Bitmain Antminer S19 XP Hyd (255Th) Bitmain 255 TH/s 5304 W Use Water cooling Mechanism 50db
Bitmain Antminer S19 XP (140Th) Bitmain 140 TH/s 3010 W 4 Fans 75db
Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro – 110TH/s Bitmain 110TH/s 3250 W±5% 4 Fans 75db
Bitmain Antminer S17 Bitmain 56TH/s 2520 W 4 Fans 82db
Canaan AVALON Made A1366 Canaan 130 TH/s 3259 W 6 Fans 75db
Canaan AVALON miner 1246 Canaan 90 TH/s 3420 W 4x 12038 fans 75db
MicroBT WhatsMiner M56S MicroBT 212 TH/s 5550 W Water cooling 45db
MicroBT Whatsminer M50S MicroBT 126 TH/s 3267 W 2 Fans 75db
MicroBT Whatsminer M30s++ 112T MicroBT 112 TH/s 3472 W 2 Fans 75db
DragonMint T1 Halong Mining 16 Th/s 1480 W 2 Fans 75db

How We Chose the Top ASIC Cryptocurrency Miners

We reviewed a wide range of cryptocurrency miners to determine which were the best for mining in 2023. We considered a variety of factors, such as power efficiency, hashing speed, cost, and environmental impact, when selecting the top 10 options. 

When looking at power efficiency, we wanted to find ASIC miners that offered maximum performance with the lowest energy consumption possible. The higher the efficiency, the less it costs to run the miner. We also took into account the hashing speed of each miner, as this determines how quickly a miner can process transactions and mine cryptocurrency.

In addition to power usage and mining speed, we considered the cost. Although some of the best ASIC miners come with a higher price tag than other options on the market, their long-term investment value and potential return on investment often outweigh the initial cost. We also factored in environmental impact when selecting the top 10 ASIC miners for 2023.

We looked for energy-efficient ASIC miners with low carbon footprints to ensure that they will not negatively impact the planet. 

Finally, we assessed the customer service and support for each miner. Mining hardware can be complicated to use, so it is important to have access to quick and reliable customer service should any issues arise. 

Considering all of these factors, we have selected the 10 best ASIC miners for mining cryptocurrency in 2023. 

Is It Worth Mining Cryptocurrency in 2023?

With the ever-changing cryptocurrency market and increasing difficulty levels, mining cryptocurrency can be risky. However, if done correctly, it can be highly rewarding and profitable.

Cryptocurrency mining in 2023 will be more competitive than ever before due to the advancements in technology seen in ASIC miners. It is important to research and understand all aspects of cryptocurrency mining, such as what hardware to use, electricity costs, environmental impact, and potential returns on investment, before making the decision to mine. If done responsibly, mining cryptocurrency in 2023 can be a highly profitable venture.

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency mining can be lucrative if done correctly and with the right miners. The 10 best ASIC miners discussed in this article can help you decide which one is right for you. With their various features, specs, and cost-efficiency, these miners offer users peace of mind when it comes to power consumption and long-term investment value. 

Remember to do your research and take into consideration factors such as power usage, mining speed, cost, environmental impact, and customer service before making a purchase decision. With this information in mind, you can confidently choose the best ASIC miners for mining cryptocurrency in 2023. Happy Mining!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ASIC mining profitable?

ASIC mining can be highly profitable if done correctly. At the same time, it can also cause huge losses if the calculations are wrong. In addition, it is worth bearing in mind that this market is very volatile. It is important to factor in the cost of electricity, environmental impact, and potential returns on investment when deciding if it is worth mining with ASIC miners.

What ASICs can mine Ethereum?

The Bitmain Antminer E9 is designed specifically for mining Ethereum at a hash rate of up to 3GH/s. If you're looking for other Ethereum ASIC miners, you might consider the A10 Pro, Antminer E3, InnoSilicon A10 ETHMaster, or InnoSilicon A10 Pro, which range from 190 MH/s to 700 MH/s in hash rate.

Which are the best Bitcoin ASIC miners?

It is dependent on your individual needs, but some of the most popular Bitcoin ASIC miners are listed in the above sections. For example, the Bitmain Antminer S19, WhatsMiner M30S Series, and the Canaan Avalon 1146 Pro. Research each option to determine which miner might best fit you.

Can I mine Bitcoin without hardware?

Yes, you can mine Bitcoin without hardware. Cloud mining allows users to rent out powerful computers from a cloud provider and use them to mine cryptocurrency remotely. Cloud mining is becoming increasingly popular, and it can be an easier way to start mining Bitcoin without a large upfront investment in hardware. But keep in mind that cloud mining can come with its own risks and fees. Be sure to research thoroughly before making a decision. 

What is a Crypto Mining Rig?

A cryptocurrency mining rig is a computer specifically designed for the purpose of mining digital currencies. It consists of multiple GPUs or ASICs connected together to increase its hashing power. Mining rigs can also be equipped with other components, such as cooling fans, motherboards, and cases, to make them more efficient and secure. Depending on the type of currency you are mining, you may need to purchase additional parts in order to build a complete mining rig.

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