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MELD Initiates Airdrop Campaign to Celebrate Upcoming Launch of MELD.FI

MELD Initiates Airdrop Campaign to Celebrate Upcoming Launch of MELD.FI


In anticipation of the launch of MELD.FI, the decentralized lending protocol, MELD has announced an airdrop campaign that promises to reward all participants with $MELD tokens. The initiative aims to engage early adopters and provide them with an exclusive opportunity to earn rewards.

The airdrop campaign encompasses a wide range of on-chain and off-chain activities, designed to inspire and engage MELDers. By signing up for Zealy.io, joining the MELD community, and completing various tasks, participants can actively contribute to the weekly community challenges and social tasks. These actions not only enable them to accumulate MELD tokens but also increase their chances of becoming a MELDionaire and win a grand prize of 1 million $MELD tokens. 

In addition to the substantial token reward, MELDionaires will also receive exclusive benefits, such as privileged access to the MELD team, early access to MELD launches, and more. A detailed step-by-step guide can be found here

To maximize their chances of receiving a significant number of MELD tokens during the airdrop, participants are encouraged to engage in both on-chain and social tasks. The more tasks they complete, the higher their ranking will be. Furthermore, by referring new users to MELD.FI through their MELD affiliate link, participants can further boost their ranking and increase their potential rewards.

Zealy will track all social activities, while on-chain activities will be recorded on the blockchain. The affiliate platform, set to launch soon, will monitor the number of referred users.

MELD is a trustless lending protocol built on the Cardano Blockchain, utilizing smart contracts and governed by the MELD token. The platform offers a secure and transparent set of tools for lending and borrowing both crypto and fiat currencies. Through collateralizing their cryptocurrency in a MELD Smart Contract, borrowers can access fiat loans provided by fiat lenders. This unique approach allows borrowers to retain ownership of their crypto assets while benefiting from secure investments and potential growth.

MELD, was launched in in April 2021 by MELD Labs, a Singapore-based organization. The project's governance is overseen by the MELD Foundation, headquartered in Switzerland. MELD has established partnerships with various entities, encompassing both native crypto projects such as Polygon, Ava Labs, and traditional companies like Tingo, an Agri-Fintech firm. Moreover, MELD has garnered support from notable investors, including the Silicon Valley Blockchain Society, Black Dragon and Brotherhood among others.

In terms of funding, MELD has successfully raised $45 million through the Initial Stake Pool Offering (ISPO), in addition to a separate private token sale. The ISPO is a novel approach for investors and early adopters to contribute to the project's advancement. By delegating their cryptocurrency to public stake pools, participants have the opportunity to earn project-specific tokens.

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