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What Is a Notcoin Voucher and How to Use It?

What Is a Notcoin Voucher and How to Use It?


Let's understand what Notcoin vouchers are, how they work and what this means in the context of launching a project at the official level.

Notcoin — a clicker mini-game in Telegram that has already disrupted the cryptocurrency market. The bot in the messenger allows you to receive $NOT tokens by simply “tap-tap-tap” on the screen. The news from the creators, in the spirit of an imminent launch and listing, only increases interest in the project.

Just recently, Notcoin decided to please users again: they launched a Pre-Market on Getgems.io, where you can sell and buy Notcoin before the official launch. You can do that through special Notcoin vouchers. What is it and how does it work?

Notcoin Pre-Market Start

On March 7, the following news was published in the official Notcoin groups: the Pre-Market is open, and players can sell or buy Notcoin before the official launch on exchanges.

Of course, the excitement around Notcoin became even greater — more than 1 million views of the publication on X and 5.1 million on Telegram. 

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What is the point of Pre-Market? This is a kind of reward for those who actively mined $NOT and boosted their mining, who completed tasks, invited friends and were simply very involved in mining. For the first time, they were allowed to buy and sell Notcoin before the launch of the token. Please note that vouchers can be traded by those with 10+ million mined coins.

Notcoin vouchers are a way to start trading Notcoin with your virtual game balance before the tokens are released onto the blockchain and gain (or not) value.

Active players can convert their Notcoin game balance into 10 million Notcoin vouchers (NFT) and trade them at Getgems. Vouchers, in the future, can be exchanged for $NOT after the token launch, or you can wait until the token launch and directly convert your balance into $NOT.

Nobody knows, how much $NOT will cost in the future and what is the future of the project. The listing price may even be zero, so the creators ask that you take this into account when trading vouchers.

But how does it work? How to convert your tokens into vouchers and how to get vouchers if you don’t want to change tokens?

How Do Notcoin Vouchers Work?

To convert Notcoin from your balance into vouchers or NFTs, you need to issue them through the Notcoin bot. Here's a step-by-step plan on how to do it:

Step 1: Open the Notcoin bot, and click the “Play” button:

Step 2: Then click on the “Trade” button on the main mini-game screen:

Step 3: Next there will be two options. If the "Notcoin — Voucher" button is gray, this is because there is a queue to receive vouchers. In the meantime, while there is a wait, other activities are available to players; you can click on “Trade Vouchers”:

Step 4: So, after clicking on the button above, players will be able to purchase vouchers from users on Getgems:

Step 5: If the player is caught in the absence of a queue for vouchers, then the “Notcoin — Voucher” button on the screen will be blue:

Step 6: In this case, the user will be redirected to the exchange page, and the game will ask to enter the desired amount of $NOT that they would like to put up as a voucher for sale:

Step 7: Next, you need to confirm your choice and then connect your TON wallet. You will then need to pay a blockchain fee (0.06 TON or ~$0.1) to create the NFT voucher. The Notcoin voucher will appear in the TON wallet. 

Step 8: To start trading vouchers, you need to connect your wallet to the Getgems platform and open the Notcoin premarket collection. To sell a Notcoin voucher, you need to set the “My NFTs” filter in your collection and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Important: Notcoin developers ask users to be careful, as cases of fraud with Notcoin vouchers have become more frequent. You can create such a voucher only within your Notcoin gaming bot, and not through Getgems or other platforms.

Source and Copyright © Notcoin Telegram

Bottom Line: Does the Launch of Notcoin Vouchers Bring the Official Listing of Tokens Closer?

Yes and no. The launch of the Notcoin voucher is an interesting move from the project developers, since this is an opportunity not to deprive the most active users if suddenly the price after listing is the lowest possible or the listing does not take place at all.

It’s interesting how the project time after time creates a buzz around its updates, be it special features for linking a Binance account and receiving a huge reward for this link in the form of 3 million $NOT tokens (which did not last long), exclusive skins for the coin, and the release of Notcoin vouchers for accounts with 10+ million tokens.

What will happen next? No one knows for sure, but it sure is interesting to watch. 

The Notcoin bot still works, so you can check how Notcoin vouchers work here.


How else can you get $NOT?

You can wait for the end of mining without vouchers and then convert your balance to $NOT. The tokens will be available on exchanges, but the price is still in question. It could be $0, or $100; no one can say for sure.

Who sets the prices for Notcoin vouchers?

Notcoin voucher owners set the prices for their products themselves, and this price is determined by current supply and demand.

When will Notcoin be listed on exchanges?

Today it is difficult to predict when Notcoin will be listed on exchanges and which exchange will list Notcoin first. The listing will probably take place shortly, since in recent weeks developers have begun to actively move from phase to phase.

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