What Is MemeFi Coin and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is MemeFi Coin and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


With the majority of clicker games all over Telegram, there is one more that is gaining popularity day by day, named MemeFi Coin. There you need to tap on the screen to damage your enemies, for each tap you also get coins. Is MemeFi Coin a scam? Let’s find out!

MemeFi Coin clicker is a new cryptocurrency project that has been released in the form of an interactive mini-game within Telegram. The game is a crypto clicker that combines elements of crypto mining and gameplay. On April 15th the clicker game had more than 3,5 million users. 

In the game, players need to "tap" on the screen to defeat bosses and acquire upgrades, making the gameplay engaging and dynamic. The project is aimed at a wide audience and does not require any initial investment, offering users a unique opportunity to earn virtual tokens directly through the game. 

Users can participate in testing the project and earn rewards for inviting friends. The referrer can earn significant rewards for each friend that defeats a boss, ranging from 12,500 coins for level 1 to 100,000 coins for level 4 bosses.

MemeFi Coin is a relatively new Tap-2-Earn project in the cryptocurrency space. We’ve already seen the Hamster Kombat clicker game, Notcoin, and Arbuz Clicker, but what differs from this clicker game? Let’s find out and also research whether the MemeFi Coin is a scam or not!

MemeFi Coin Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit

We decided as usual to address the audience from X and Reddit to get an understanding of the project itself: what people think, how they talk about the project, and what the feedback is. Let’s see what we’ve got.

X Opinions

At first, we asked our subscribers in X, and here are the answers: 

Then, of course, we searched the opinions in the X community. There we’ve found a lot of posts, where people shared their playing the game: screen video captures, coin amount screenshots, etc. In addition, they shared the successful way the project may have after revealing the purpose. 

People, as you see, compare it with our beloved Notcoin. 

After that, we understood the reason for the videos that show people clicking the MemeFi Coin clicker. It is the social activity founders want people to make for rewards and publishing in the official socials. 

Some users post messages like this, meaning that people shouldn’t miss the opportunity to take part in the MemeFi clicker: 

Interestingly, we haven’t found any publications about the fact that the project is a scam. We even decided to ask directly, but no related answers were on X. Well if there is nothing more, we head to Reddit. 

Reddit Opinions 

Reddit opinions were not so informative if to be honest. We’ve seen only a couple of posts, where people share the list of projects that can make a passive income or the list of Telegram Airdrops. 

Source and Copyright © Reddit

That’s it. Yep, there were posts with MemeFi Coin gameplay and referral links as invitations to play the game, but, nothing more. 

Source and Copyright © Reddit

For this part of the project review, we put the following scamometer mark:

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

On the official website of the project, we may see the following socials of MemeFi Coin: an X account, a Telegram channel, a Telegram bot, and a Discord chat

The X account has  477.3k followers and 450 posts. The activity on the page is quite strong — 2k-3k likes, 100-300 comments, and 1k reposts on Average. We guess it's because of the number of rewards the founders are ready to give users for activity on social media. Even if so, it's great that people support the project.

The Telegram channel has more than 833k followers, which is a lot. It is a place, where the founders (or people related to them) share the latest updates and news. In addition, there is a Telegram chat for this channel. It seems quite professional and usual for a certain project, thus, here no questions from our side.

Let's move to the website; it looks as the following: 

Source and Copyright © MemeFi 

The MemeFi Coin website is a typical memecoin website. At the same time, the project has a lot of useful information inside the tokenomics page, roadmap, whitepaper, and other necessary details that can help people make a well-thought-out decision. However, we were sorry that the About Us page wasn't working, because as we click the page, we are at the same official website, with no more details. 

Founders and Investors of MemeFi Coin

If to talk about the founders of the MemeFi Coin, there is no official information on the web about them, as about the investors. However, we found out the information about the Partners of the project. Here they are:

Source and Copyright © MemeFi 

Notcoin is one of the partners...nice! We think this fact gives the project additional points to trustworthiness. 

For now, this part gets the following mark:

MemeFi Coin Tokenomics: Supply, Allocation, Use Case

As we mentioned before MemeFi Coin Tokenomics is shown on the official website or you can see it also among the X posts:

What is good at the X post? We see the approximate price of the MemeFi Coin, and it seems to be 0.0084$ for 1 Token. 

Source and Copyright © WhitePaper

As we see the Community will get 12.75% of the coins, and the max supply is 10,000,000,000. As long as we play the clicker game we don't know how exactly the coins are distributed (we mean, for what), but at the same time here we see quite a detailed structure of the tokenomics, which gives us some points to the trustworthiness. In addition, $MEMEFI is used for such in-game financial transactions as:

  • Governance
  • Key Purchases 
  • Key Trading Commission Fees
  • Character Progression
  • Other In-App Purchases

$MEMEFI Current Price

$MEMEFI is the governance token in MemeFi that serves withdrawals, and in-game purchases. The token is designed to be limited in supply and now isn't listed anywhere yet. You may find the $MEMEFI or $MEFI tokens on the web, but that's not our patient. At least, from the X post we know the approximate price of the token: 0.0084$ for 1 Token. Well, let's see how it will go, but for now:

Bottom Line: Is MemeFI Coin a Scam or Not?

MemeFi Coin is a new "play-to-earn" (P2E) crypto clicker game that allows users to earn virtual tokens by actively participating in the game and inviting friends to join. The MemeFi Coin project is still in its early stages, and the date for listing the tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges is not yet known. Users are advised to regularly check for updates and news about the project to stay informed about its plans, including potential exchange listings.

At the same time, MemeFi Coin is a game that repeats the game mechanics after the successful Notcoin, Ava, and others. Will it be so popular? We don't know, but. as we're not asked to invest money in the project, we can safely play the game and get coins for potential future profit. Or not.

We, as usual, recommend you to DYOR, because being attentive and cold-minded is the best you can do when working with cryptocurrency. This Scamometer review informs you about different sides of the crypto projects, but that may be not the final point. Check your critical thinking and never be cheated by crypto!

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