What Is WienerAI and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is WienerAI and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


WienerAI has caught the attention of the crypto industry by combining AI with memecoin. But is this project legit? Let's dive the rabbit hole.

WienerAI Overview

WienerAI is the project that's getting the attention right now, as this newcomer combines the nature of memecoins and AI tokens...as claimed by the project team. First of all, it is an artificial intelligence-based bot, "the ultimate cybernetic being in the entire universe" (again, according to the developers' statements).

The idea is that users can ask questions about their investment strategy, and the bot gives an unbiased analysis of potential tokens on request. In addition, the project helps to trade profitably on DEX, while protecting from MEV bots.

WienerAI has its own fictional story, where it emerged as the result of an experiment by a mad scientist in the year of 2132.

The project's native token is a memecoin called WienerAI ($WAI). It combined popular today topics: dogs and artificial intelligence. Unlike most memecoins on the market, WAI can be used in staking. At the time of this writing, the staking mechanism offers a return of 487% per year. And that percentage is decreasing over time. The coin also offers zero fees, according to the whitepaper. Not surprisingly, the project has raised about $2 million in an ICO in no time, and the total number of locked coins amounted to more than 2.2 billion.

WienerAI Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit

We decided to ask you what you think about the WienerAI project:

Of course, we felt this wasn't enough, so we dived into the dark waters of X and Reddit.

At the first glance at the official WienerAI page on X, no suspicions arise: the team regularly informs about the project's achievements, advertises itself or simply posts funny memes about itself. And the comments are full of support and trust vibes.

Boring! And we want drama. And the longer we stared at the positive comments, the more we felt that somewhere in here lurked what we came for.

Jumping from comment to comment, from post to post, we realized... oh no! It's all bots!

For reference:

"Everyone talking bout WienerAI at this party." Well, no, if I go to a party where everyone is just like, "Everyone talking bout WienerAI at this party," I'm going to leave. Because it's all just a facade, which may hide the very "happy house" of the crypto industry.

The assumption of the use of bots (which, incidentally, Elon Musk is fighting against) was also pointed out by real X users:

No, PokeTravels, that's not normal, even if the developers themselves are dropping positive comments via bots during coffee breaks.

Now that we've managed to take the tinsel out of the comment gift box, we can see the gift itself. And it's not a pleasant one. If real users aren't ranting about where so many bots are coming from, they're pointing to scam.

Here is one of such red flags: a user claims that despite the fact that he believes in WienerAI, he is alarmed by the project promotion from a blogger who has been caught promoting scam projects more than once.

Responses to this comment, failed to appease the user:

And here's a comment from the "I asked if they were scammers or not, they said no" category:

Short and to the point:

Meanwhile, this user claims that the team blocked him for simply asking for a TGE and release date. He claims that the project is a scam as it keeps extending the presale date to gather as many users' money as possible:

Meanwhile, there is a true silence regarding the WienerAI project on Reddit. However, we came across the story of one investor who got scammed by another project, Scotty the AI. It took him a few paragraphs to warn users not to invest in such projects: he also highlighted WienerAI as a potential scam project that reminded of Scotty the AI.

Any questions about the score?

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

The project has official pages on X and Telegram, as well as its own website.

The X page has more than 9,000 subscribers, while Telegram has just over 6,000. The team runs X more actively than Telegram.

The community's activity in one or another social media is zero. If you exclude bots, which make up 50% of the activity, the live accounts are users passing by and then throwing angry or warning about scam comments. Would you trust such a project? I don't think so, the verdict is served:

WienerAI Founders and Investors

It is unknown who is behind the project. There is also no information about WienerAI's major investors. The official website lists only a few major publications of the sector that the project has collaborated with, but this is not an indicator of trust.

The old adage says that you shouldn't trust a crypto project if you don't know its founders. Given that there are potentially valid reasons for all the project's decisions, the verdict is this:

WienerAI Tokenomics

With a total supply of 69 billion WAI, the project plans to allocate the coins as follows:

  • Presale — 30%;
  • Staking — 20%;
  • Community rewards — 20%;
  • DEX/CEX liquidity — 10%;
  • Marketing — 20%.

WAI is in the presale stage, and as we've already realized from the comments on X (the real ones), no one knows when that stage will end. Is the fictional story mentioned above not fiction at all? And users will have to wait until 2132? Moreover, the team stubbornly remains silent on this issue and actively promotes the project, which everyone is already bored with.

At the moment, memecoin can be purchased on the official WienerAI website, where the value of the coin is increasing over time. Users are offered to buy memecoin with ETH, USDT or using a bank card.

Nevertheless, when evaluating it is worth considering the tokenomics and utility of memecoin and the project, which the creators of WienerAI assure us. Therefore:

Bottom line: Is WienerAI a Scam or Not?

WienerAI is a typical memecoin project, which is also distinguished by the fact that it uses artificial intelligence technology. However, this aspect cannot be called a special feature. It should be taken into account that the project is still quite young, and it is too early to make any hasty conclusions. And yet there is a big BUT. The project did not start on a good note, never gaining the trust of the community. And this is a very important aspect of any crypto project, so the final grade:

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