What Is Yescoin and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is Yescoin and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


Yescoin is a recent addition to the ecosystem of Telegram-based minigames. It features a swap-to-earn mechanics and is considered one of the fastest-growing Telegram applications. Read our review to find out whether the project is a scam or not.

What is Yescoin?

Following the success of the Notcoin airdrop and the fuss around Hamster Kombat, The Open Network (TON) has become a home for new Telegram-based games, including Yescoin. 

This new game applies a swipe-to-earn mechanics and integrates seamlessly with the Telegram app. Yescoin has secured second place in The Open League competition and according to its developers is one of the fastest-growing Telegram applications.

Yescoin offers a unique twist on the typical Telegram "clicker" game format. Instead of simple clicking, players accumulate in-game coins by swiping their fingers across their screens. The game features a retro, lo-fi pixel style and allows players to boost their earnings by using their collected coins to purchase various upgrades and additional perks.

Additionally, the Yescoin team has announced plans for an airdrop to its users on its X platform.

The developers of Yescoin cite two main inspirations for choosing swiping as the primary interaction method. The first came from Steve Jobs' introduction of the swipe-to-unlock feature in 2007, which highlighted swiping as a natural user interaction with mobile devices. The second inspiration was the wildly popular Fruit Ninja, a game that garnered billions of downloads through its simple yet addictive swiping gameplay, becoming a global sensation.

Yescoin Gameplay 

The gameplay of Yescoin is quite intuitive: players swipe their fingers across their mobile screens to collect gold Yescoin coins displayed on the main interface. As players swipe to collect these coins, various rewards, bonuses, and new tasks will appear, offering further opportunities to amass more coins. Players have the chance to enhance their in-game earnings by acquiring different boosts.

As players meet specific milestones, they advance through a series of leagues, starting from Bronze and progressing through Silver, Gold, Platinum, and ultimately reaching Diamond. Advancing through these leagues allows players to access coins of increasingly higher value with each promotion.

Moreover, players can earn additional rewards by inviting friends to join the game. Invitations sent to friends with Telegram Premium yield even greater benefits, reflecting a recurring theme in Telegram-based cryptocurrency games.

Source &Copyright: Ton Foundation Blog

Yescoin Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit

While Yescoin has not garnered significant attention on Reddit, the narrative is quite different on the X platform, where the game has received numerous reviews. These reviews are largely positive, highlighting the game’s appeal and its quickly growing community. Enthusiasts on X are particularly excited about Yescoin's potential, especially with the upcoming airdrops and the rapid expansion of its user base.

Despite the positive reviews, Yescoin has recently encountered technical difficulties that have impacted its reputation. A significant bug has emerged following updates to Apple’s guidelines, leading to accessibility issues for some iOS users. This problem has prevented numerous players from accessing the Yescoin bot, sparking a wave of negative feedback on X. 

Many users report that they lost their points and ask for compensation.

In response to the discontent, the Yescoin team has acknowledged the issues caused by the recent updates in Apple’s guidelines. They assured users that they are working diligently to resolve the problems and reiterated that user accounts remain secure, urging patience as they address the technical challenges.

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

Yescoin, like many clicker games on Telegram, does not have a dedicated website. However, it maintains a strong presence on X, boasting nearly 3 million followers. The community engagement on this platform is notably active, though the project team does not seem to respond to users inquiries actively.

Yescoin's Telegram channel has nearly 7 million followers. This channel is primarily used for broadcasting announcements, keeping the community updated on the latest developments and news 

Yescoin Founders and Investors 

The team behind the project is anonymous and no info has been found on web sources. Based on their social media accounts, the game has close ties to Ton Foundation. 

Final Verdict 

Yescoin, a recent addition to the ecosystem of Telegram-based minigames, is inspired by the success of Notcoin and similar games such as Hamster Kombat. These games, which are integrated within The Open Network (TON) ecosystem, have collectively experienced significant growth over the past year.

Yescoin has demonstrated interactions with the official Ton Foundation on its X account, suggesting a genuine partnership.
Taking into account the TON blockchain partnership, active developer engagement, and the game's growing user base, we consider Yescoin as a project carrying a moderate risk of being a scam. However, as with any crypto-related game, users are advised to proceed with caution.

Ultimately, as long as participation in Yescoin remains a fun activity without substantial monetary investment, it is considered a worthwhile experience. Users should enjoy the game while remaining vigilant and avoid investing more than they are willing to lose.

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