Telegram bot Blum Crypto from Binance managers. What is it, and when is it listing?

Telegram bot Blum Crypto from Binance managers. What is it, and when is it listing?


The Notcoin phenomenon has spawned many similar applications. However, not all of them are destined to repeat its success. The Blum Crypto project decided to stand up for a chance to flourish.

First and foremost, Blum Crypto is a hybrid cryptocurrency platform that combines the advantages of centralized and decentralized exchanges. This is what the creators of the platform claim to us. 

Speaking of which, the project is driven by a strong team of former Binance top managers, such as Vladimir Smerkis and Gleb Kostarev. Smerkis is in charge of Blum marketing, while Kostarev is responsible for the platform's operational activities. 

Blum is currently in the development stage, and those interested in joining can leave an email address to get on the wait list. In late April, the developers unveiled a mini-app for Telegram. And while the exchange prepares for its global presence and the launch of the BP native token, messenger users can start farming BP. 

The creators planned to launch BP as a backing token for the exchange. There are many trading platforms in the market that launch a native token. And Blum as well as BP risked getting lost among similar offerings. 

But how does one draw more attention to a listing? Correct. Capitalize on current trends. Developers caught the wave of hype around the success of Notcoin and decided, "Why not hand over token mining to users and turn it into a gameplay?"

Blum Crypto review

Since its launch in late April, the mini-app has attracted more than 10 million bot users and more than 7 million community members in Telegram. Thus, the project managed to gather a large community of enthusiasts around it in the shortest possible time. 

Mini-apps in Telegram on mining/farming retain the idea of a simple and playful process of obtaining coins, but differ from each other in their delivery and functionality. Blum Crypto is no exception. 

One cannot get into the app so easily. Entry is done by invite. And this aspect may discourage many enthusiasts, forcing them to pay attention to other promising analogs of Notcoin. Others, on the contrary, may appreciate this approach, as it only emphasizes the decentralized nature of Blum. 

Once users finally get into Blum, they are prompted to create a username and start farming. The process is pretty straightforward. You simply start the mining process by pressing the "Start Farming" button and every 8 hours log in to the app and press "Claim". By that time, the bot will have already mined a certain amount of Blum Points (BP) for you. All mined game coins will be converted to real coins by the time of listing. 

Blum offers ways to earn even more BP. One such way is to play a game where the user catches falling green flowers. Once a day, five attempts of 30 seconds are given in which the user must catch the flowers. These are then converted into BP and deposited into the user's gaming account. For entering the game daily, the user is rewarded with points, which can be spent on the opportunity to play the game.

In addition to the game, Blum offers a referral program. For each invited friend, the user can get up to 10% of income. Additional BP can be obtained by completing daily tasks in a separate tab. 

BP listing

At this point, Blum has managed to build a large community that is looking forward to a potential BP listing. According to the project roadmap, the developers will continue to develop the invites system to attract even more users. 

Prior to the listing, Blum plans to enter into strategic partnerships, including improving the infrastructure with the support of Binance Labs. In the second quarter of 2024, the platform plans to focus on introducing new functionality to make working with Blum even more convenient and interesting. And the launch of the web platform as well as the listing of the coin is expected at the end of this year. Accordingly, the price of the coin will be determined closer to the launch. 

Early adopters may also be able to get BP via airdrop this summer, as Blum launches its wallet and aims to reward users for their activity. However, this information remains at the rumor level. 

BP may be supported by major exchanges such as Binance, OKX, Bybit and others. It is possible that the coin will also appear in the TON ecosystem. 

Bottom line

Blum immediately stood out among its peers, as the project is backed by a strong team of former top managers of Binance (+1 in the trust piggy bank). The mini-app offers a simple but fun way to earn coins: it's different from the ones offered by a number of similar projects, which makes Blum even more interesting. 

Blum has a potentially good chance of making a good debut on the cryptocurrency market, provided the tap-to-earn trend continues to develop. 

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