What Is The BOOK OF MEME ($BOME) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is The BOOK OF MEME ($BOME) and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


Let’s find out, what the BOOK OF MEME made by the Pepe character creator is, and whether its popularity among crypto players is worthwhile.

Meme-based tokens on Solana have become a huge part of the crypto market, evolving and increasing in price so fast that has gathered attention even from the most traditional investors and crypto-enthusiasts. We saw the exact situation at the following Solana-based tokens: dogwifhat, Smog, and others, but today we have another “hero of the day:” BOOK OF MEME.

It is a Solana-based memecoin launched in March 2024 that aims to create a decentralized storage system and creative platform for memes on the blockchain. BOME has seen a rapid surge in price and market capitalization, offering early investors returns of up to 20x in just a couple of weeks after launch.

Let’s find out the real purpose, utility, current price, and other important things that should be worth paying attention to when exploring a certain project.

BOOK OF MEME Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit

At first, as usual, we decided to review the people’s opinions in the two most popular places where cryptocurrency is discussed: at X and Reddit. 

X Opinions

We created a poll at our X and asked our subscribers to vote. Here are the results of the poll:

Other people’s opinions were quite interesting, especially this one, where the user shared his thoughts about the BOME’s creator and his actions. Beanie believes the project’s creator is an altruist, who doesn’t want to get only money, but also has other goals:

Another user tells us about the fact, that “everything else is a scam… because everybody selling…their shitcoins are buying these 3.” By “these 3” coins he mentioned two coins and $BOME: 

What about the negative reviews? We can tell that there, surprisingly, are almost no negative reviews, besides this one about two scams. However, our user hasn’t got any arguments:

In other “scam mentioned posts” people only warn others about the scam websites and scam X profiles that want to get money from crypto-enthusiasts. 

Reddit Opinions

Amazingly, there are no negative reviews on Reddit, too. There are no comments in the $BOME discussion, nothing! We only captured positive reviews from people in the comments, so, you can see all of them below.

One says that he’s “got his moonbag’ and this is insane:

Source and Copyright © Reddit

The other user on the same thread also shared his experience with the $BOME but with the suspiciously noted advertising of the Bitget. No bad thoughts about the exchange, but the comment seems like an ad:

Source and Copyright © Reddit

Here’s one minimalistic, but full-of-sense comment by another user:

Source and Copyright © Reddit

Another thread gave us the comment with the comparison of the $BOME and $DOGE. The user says “This feels like dodge…This pattern. The volume it’s literally a time bomb,” hinting that once $BOME will also get the trend of the famous meme tokens on Solana.  

Source and Copyright © Reddit

Another positive opinion came from the following user:

Source and Copyright © Reddit

In general, we see how people are inspired by another, but yet promising Solana-based memecoin. We hope people’s hopes will be spent not in vain. For now, we put to the BOOK OF MEME the following mark:

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

Social networks and websites are the places, where the Team communicates with their users and potential investors, so it should be at least active and full of content and information. At the same time, when speaking about the memecoins, we don’t expect much from that. What’s the situation at the BOOK OF MEME? 

The project doesn’t have a separate X account, but the account, which is mentioned as the one for the info and updates is the one by the creator, this one. Yep, there is an account called BOME, but we’re not sure that this is the one because the creator isn’t subscribed to it. So, the account of the creator…yep, it has more than 153k followers and quite active posting and chatting. However, it’s still strange that we can’t analyze the X account of the project itself. In general, nothing bad, updates, memes, jokes — everything that memecoins need to have. 

The other social network the project has is the Telegram group with more than 23k subscribers. When you follow the link you go to the small group created on the 30th of March. That’s it? Nope, you need to verify your identity to the bot (it’s okay, you’ll pass it easily), and then appear to be in the chat group, where there are more than 16k subscribers, but there you’ll see, majorly, notifications about the orders on the market with $BOME. So, it’s up to you whether to follow it or not. For the full picture of the project, it’s okay. 

The next stop is the website, which doesn’t exist. You can only visit the website of the creator itself. However, no information about anything related to the BOOK OF MEME. Even for the memecoin that’s not enough :) 

BOOK OF MEME Founders and Investors

BOME was developed by Darkfarms, the crypto artist known for creating the popular Pepe character. The token launched on March 10, 2024, on major exchanges like Binance and saw a rapid 3000% increase in value. 

Even with the small info given to us by the creator, we still know his name and his accounts, so this kind of transparency in the meme-based crypto is quite impressive. 

BOOK OF MEME ($BOME) Tokenomics

The $BOME token represents active participation in the $BOME ecosystem: holders can stake, trade, and engage in activities. Moreover, $BOME serves as a governance token allowing holders to vote on proposals for changes to BOOK OF MEME. Users can also always swap it into another cryptocurrency.

$BOME Tokenomics consists of the following:

  • 50% for Presale (34,499,829,784 $BOME) 
  • 30% for Liquidity Pools (20,699,897,871 $BOME)
  • 20% for Community Fund (13,799,931,914 $BOME)

The BOOK OF MEME coin $BOME has a couple of main characteristics that define its utility and uniqueness

  1. Preserving Memes: Memes are transient by nature. They emerge, go viral, and often fade into obscurity. $BOME aims to change that by recording memes on the blockchain, ensuring they remain accessible to future generations.
  2. Decentralized Social Media: $BOME envisions a new form of social media, where memes are not tied to centralized platforms but exist independently on decentralized networks like Solana, Arweave, and IPFS.
  3. Degen Shitcoin Trading & Gambling: $BOME aims to capture meme culture in a digital collection, facilitating degen shitcoin trading and gambling.

$BOME Current Price

Source and Copyright © Trading View

At the time of writing, $BOME’s price is approximately $0.01170 per token. The Market Cap is around $784,613,461, and the circulating supply is — 68,999,659,569 $BOME. 

For the period of existence, about 3 months, the token price has risen by more than 58%. The all-time-high for the $BOME is $0.02689, recorded on Mar 16, 2024. The current price is 57.84% lower. The all-time-low for the $BOME is $0.00005848, recorded on Mar 14, 2024, which is 19,283.43% higher.

You can buy $BOME on these exchanges: Binance, MEXC Crypto Exchange, and ShibaSwap, for Ethereum Holders. 

Bottom Line: Is BOOK OF MEME a Scam?

As with any scamometer review, we try to see the full picture of the project from different sides. As we see in the BOOK OF MEME, we’ve got a meme-based token on Solana, this token differs from others with its unique goal of gathering all of the digital memes in one place, constantly updating the storage. This feature attracts a lot of people to this community. Even though the popularity of the $BOME may come also from the popularity of the Pepe character creator, the project is still very young, so it's too soon to make any conclusions. 

However, at first glance, $BOME seems like a promising project that could potentially become successful like $WIF and $DOGE, as one of the X users mentioned in the X Opinions paragraph. Although there are no guarantees for the project's outcome, the plans for success can still be realized beyond social media.

Always remember to do your research (DYOR) when working with cryptocurrency. It's important to assess everything with a clear mind. This review provides information about projects, including their strengths and weaknesses, but the final decision is always yours. Always use your critical thinking skills and don't let any crypto project deceive you!

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