Seedify Launchpad Comprehensive Guide

Seedify Launchpad Comprehensive Guide


Looking to launch a blockchain gaming project or invest in promising IGOs? Check out Seedify Launchpad now, partake in your favorite projects, and get fantastic rewards.

The Seedify Launchpad, launched in 2021, is an innovative blockchain gaming-centric incubator and launchpad designed to help creators access funds, community growth and partnership, as well as full support to manage and deploy their blockchain gaming and NFT projects. In other words, Seedify operates like a blockchain technology-based reward crowdfunding platform with the requisite features for retail investment, development, and deployment of blockchain gaming projects.

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Considering the continuous increase in the popularity of NFT games, more developers are looking for reputable launchpads for their projects. Similarly, investors are becoming willing to invest in promising blockchain gaming and NFT assets. Seedify is one such reputable blockchain launchpad, and this article will explore its ecosystem in greater detail.

What Is Seedify?

Seedify is a blockchain gaming-focused incubator and launchpad run on the BNB Chain. A blockchain gaming or NFT launchpad, similar to a reward crowdfunding system, is a platform upon which funds are raised for startup crypto projects from early retail investors. At launch, these early investors get access to the projects’ standout features or other rewards in return for their participation. 

Having launched over 50 projects, including blockchain games, NFT, and Metaverse projects, the ecosystem supports and empowers innovators and project developers with community and partnership building and funding from retail investors. As a result, blockchain gaming startups can leverage their invaluable resources like IGO (Initial Game Offering) launchpad, seed funding, and user-based feedback to get the support they need to thrive in the industry.

The platform allows its investors and token holders to gain access to IGOs and INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) on projects of their choice through Seedify Launchpad. In essence, investors can provide funding for unreleased gaming projects and get rewards in the form of rarities, special features, and tokens when those projects get released.

Hence, Seedify stands out as a significant innovation, enhancing the Play-To-Earn model in NFT-focused games, helping projects connect with loyal communities, and providing the infrastructure for investors to participate and contribute to the development launch of projects.

Should I choose Seedify?

Note that the information in this article does not constitute financial advice, we merely give details of the features of the project. Whether or not to take part is entirely up to you.

Seedify is an excellent choice for blockchain innovators and project developers looking to enroll their projects in decentralized crowdfunding and incubation. It empowers new projects with essential exposure, guidance, and resources. So, young blockchain gaming projects can always leverage their thriving and supportive ecosystem to supercharge investment, development, and community growth.

Similarly, being a community-focused ecosystem means individuals can participate in a curated suite of revolutionary projects, actively contributing to their growth and the general evolution of the blockchain industry. That said, holders of its native SFUND token can vote and influence the decision-making processes of their favorite projects.

Seedify Tiers: How Does It Work?

As a Seedify user, your voting strength and the weight of your participation in Seedify IGOs depend on your tier. These tiers are grouped according to the number of SFUND users have in your wallet. The more SFUND you have, the higher your tier and the greater your likelihood of being whitelisted by an IGO.

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Initially, Seedify had three tiers, but it currently runs a 9-tier system to create a fairer system for more participants to engage in IGOs. The following are the tiers, the requisite amounts of SFUND, and the pool weights

  • Tier 1- 250 SFUND - 1.2 pool weight
  • Tier 2- 1,000 SFUND - 2 pool weight
  • Tier 3- 2,500 SFUND - 5.5 pool weight
  • Tier 4- 5,000 SFUND - 12 pool weight
  • Tier 5- 7,500 SFUND - 19 pool weight
  • Tier 6- 10,000 SFUND - 26 pool weight
  • Tier 7- 25,000 SFUND - 70 pool weight
  • Tier 8 - 50,000 SFUND - 150 pool weight
  • Tier 9 - 100,000 SFUND - 325 pool weight

To ensure that the latest version of the 9-tier system creates a fairer system, Seedify introduced lottery-based allocations for the lowest tier (Tier 1). In contrast, higher tiers have guaranteed allocation of their pool weights. Hence, they’ve adapted their pool weight formula to the one above, enabling lower tiers to become guaranteed through second-phase provisions.

Statistics and Performance

Based on ATH and current ROI, Seedify is currently among the top 3 in Cryptorank’s ranking of top IDO platforms and launchpads. This position proves its increasing utility and popularity with investors.

Also, $SFUND ranks #403 out of over 22,000 crypto assets on Coinmarketcap.

What Do You Need to Participate in IGO on Seedify: Brief Instruction

Here’s a summary of things SFUND holders need to do to participate in IGOs on Seedify:

  1. Visit official website and connect your wallet to the Seedify Launchpad
  2. Do KYC verification
  3. Buy SFUND tokens
  4. Stake SFUND tokens
  5. Select a project and partake in its IGO.

How to Get Whitelisted on Seedify IGO?

A higher tier will increase your chances of being whitelisted on Seedify IGO. The principle is that the higher your tier, the more tokens you’d receive at launch, according to your pool weight. As stated earlier, your tier will depend on the number of SFUND tokens you have.

Aside from the lowest tier (Tier 1), where token allocation is based on a lottery system, other tiers are guaranteed token distribution. In addition, there are also additional benefits for higher tiers. For instance, tier 6 and above get private token allocations, while tier 9 users can be part of the Seed Club and partake in seed rounds.

How to Participate in Seedify IGO: Step-by-Step Guide

To participate in Seedify, the following are steps that you may need to take;

Step 1: Connect Your Crypto Wallet

Connect a crypto wallet like Metamask or Trustwallet to Seedify Launchpad. Next, tap the “Connect Wallet” button on the website’s top right corner and follow the instructions to connect your wallet. Upon connection, the “Connect Wallet” button disappears, and you see your wallet number.

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Also, after connection, you can see your user profile. If the user hasn’t been verified and isn’t eligible to partake in an IGO, the “User Details” window will show “Not Registered.” This changes upon completing identity verification.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

Complete your ID verification via the Blockpass service here. Below are some details required for user verification;

  • Government-Issued ID - Passport, National ID, or Driving License
  • Family Name
  • Given/Other Name(s)
  • Email
  • Selfie
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Proof of address
  • Ethereum address

Step 3: Buy SFUND Tokens

Next, buy SFUND tokens sufficient to participate in your choice IGO. You can purchase the tokens via the following exchanges:

Buying SFUND tokens via a centralized exchange like Kucoin means you must transfer them to MetaMask or Trustwallet.

Step 4: Stake SFUND Tokens

Staking is mandatory for all SFUND holders to partake in IGOs. In addition, your SFUNDs must be staked until 24 hours before the IGO because screenshots are taken for each IGO 24 hours prior.

Source and Copyright © Seedify

Seedify features the following lock-in period options for single token Seed ($SFUND);

  • 30 days: 1% SFUND APR
  • 90 days: 3% SFUND APR
  • 180 days: 7% SFUND APR
  • 270 days: 11% SFUND APR

Step 5: Choose a Project and Partake in IGOs

You can now select a project whose IGO you want to participate in. Navigate to the Seedify homepage and view the previous and available IGO list. Then, click on the project you wish to participate in to view its information.

The following details about the upcoming IGO will be displayed on your screen;

  • Website and social media links of the project;
  • Cost of the token;
  • Time remaining for IGO launch.

Who Is Behind Seedify?

Seedify is an innovative product of world-class blockchain technology experts around the globe. These professionals know their onions in gaming and cryptocurrency, and they apply their practical knowledge to building and developing the launchpad and its products.

Here are some of the company’s key positions:

  • CEO

Levent Cem Aydan

LinkedIn, Twitter

  • Senior Business Development Manager

Helen Petriashvili 


  • Digital Marketing Manager

Raíssa Meira Gomes 


SFUND Tokenomics

The token allocation of Seedify’s native token, Cc$SFUND, is transparent and straightforward. Below is a summary:

  • Total Supply - 100,000,000
  • Initial Circulating Supply - 15%
  • Liquidity Mining Programs - 9%
  • First-Year Marketing and Development Fund - 10%
  • Team and Founder Reserve - 16%
  • Funding Pool Reserve - 50%

Read more about $SFUND tokenomics here.


SFUND Price History

$SFUND, Seedify’s native token, currently has a market cap of $44,330,071 as of this writing, and a circulating supply of 49.49M out of a 100M total supply. The token struck an ATH (all-time-high) of $16.77 on November 19, 2021- a whopping increase of 5753.67% from its ATL (all-time-low) of $0.2864 in July of the same year.

As of this writing, SFUND is worth $0.9067, a 94.6% dip from its ATH. The extreme rise in its price and later drop may be attributed to the craze around blockchain gaming and NFT projects in 2021. Therefore, it’s no coincidence that similar assets like SAND and AXS also experienced ATHs of $8.44 and $165.37 in the same month and year as SFUND.

Source and Copyright © TradingView

After the FOMO surrounding gaming and NFT projects shriveled, these tokens are currently down by over 93% from their ATHs as of the time of writing. Investors are beginning to do their own research and have a fundamental understanding of crypto gaming projects and their ecosystems before investing.

Since dropping drastically from its ATH, SFUND has yet to make a similar upward movement. It’s currently down 34% on its monthly price chart. However, it is a token every crypto gaming enthusiast should watch out for. With its increasing utility, partnerships, and adoption with gaming and NFT projects, a bullish trend is imminent and sustainable.


The Seedify team works tirelessly to improve the platform and enhance its use cases. The whitepaper is a comprehensive guide about how the launchpad is designed to operate and the project’s prospects. Click here to read it. You can also read the Seedify Launchpad V2 whitepaper here.

What Is The Future of Seedify?

Seedify has quickly set itself apart as a go-to platform for launching and deploying gaming projects in the blockchain ecosystem. As one of the industry leaders in blockchain gaming development, it has a growth potential that may far exceed its competitors, which are jacks of all trades.

The Seedify team never rests on its laurels! They’re constantly improving current utilities, creating new use cases, and building partnerships that empower more creators and their communities. Presently, the team is working hard to enhance a series of utilities that will advance the ecosystem;

Seedify Meta Studios

Seedify has, since December 2021, launched Seedify Meta Studios to be the backbone of its Metaverse assets and projects. The Studios is designed to work on secret Metaverse-based projects with their respective codenames. After purchasing a 36-plot land from the Sandbox, Seedify Studios raises hopes for exciting expectations for its community. Although the platform’s immersion into the Metaverse is still in its early stages, the team is constantly scaling its integration through innovative partnerships, art creations, and developments.

Seedify Game NFT Launchpad

Seedify has deployed its exclusive NFT launchpad to allow users to gain access to initial offerings of their favorite NFT projects. Developing an NFT launchpad will enable creators launching on the Seedify Launchpad with in-game NFTs to incorporate them naturally into their games. Also, the ongoing innovations on the launchpad will enhance SFUND’s utility, making it more valuable and consolidating the ecosystem.

Product Enhancement

Seedify regularly audits and appraises its products to see their efficiency and effectiveness from users’ perspectives. Using their feedback, the team improves and optimizes different aspects of their products to enhance user satisfaction. These optimizations culminate in new user guides, hybrid smart contract structures, improved APIs and databases, website UI revamps, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seedify a Secure Platform? 

Seedify has an entirely secure smart contract for hosting blockchain project IDOs. The launchpad was audited by Certik, one of the top auditing companies in the blockchain industry, so security is assured for innovators and investors. However, we cannot claim that it is a 100% safe platform, in cryptocurrencies there is always a risk of losing the money invested, so make your own decision.

Is It Profitable to Invest in Seedify?

Considering Seedify’s highly promising and utility-packed ecosystem, it may be a profitable investment. But don’t take anyone’s word for it; ensure you do your own research before investing.

On Which Exchanges Can I Buy SFUND?

You can buy SFUND via Gate.io, Kucoin, Pancakeswap, MEXC Global, BakerySwap, Dodo (BSC), or BKEX. Always remember to send the assets to MetaMask or Trustwallet if you bought from a centralized exchange like Kucoin, Gate.io, MEXC, or BKEX.

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