What Is WELL3 and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR

What Is WELL3 and Is It a Scam? Reviews, Opinions, and DYOR


Recently X has been flooded by publications about this project. One of the members of the whole WELL3 ecosystem launched a token farming. We decided to dig deeper into the WELL token and make a whole review of the project during our investigation.

What do you think of when you think of Wellness? Is that yoga therapy or spa time? Do you think of the proper nutrition? Answer for yourself, and we will continue. Have you ever thought of Wellness in the context of the blockchain? The WELL3 project created a whole ecosystem, where, as they claim, we all can “Change for better, live WELL together.” 

We decided to create our beloved scamometer review. For now, we can’t define the real purpose of the project from the very beginning, because we need to dig deeper into the WELL token (Interestingly, the WELL token isn’t listed anywhere, and you will find the other projects’ WELL tokens on the exchanges), and make a whole review of the project during our investigation. 

P.S. We want to note that we overview the WELL3 project, not the Yogapetz, or others from the whole WELL3 ecosystem. 

WELL3 Project Overview

Source and Copyright © WELL3

As we may see from the official WELL3 Project website, it is the whole ecosystem that includes several projects at once: 

  1. Well3.com — a completely incomprehensible game project that seeks to reward players with experience points for completing simple tasks: subscription, repost, like, and more. Perhaps the most interesting task is breathing: you need to wait to breathe or just spend time doing other things. Spoiler: this will be our point of interest for today. After the activity is made, players get EXP points, and, when the time comes, players will be also rewarded with WELL tokens.
  2. Keungz.com — NFT game that makes you look for treasures, and, in particular, WELL coin. You need to buy NFT characters, create a crew, and survive the obstacles on the way. 
  3. Yogapetz.com — is a “decentralized wellness ecosystem that prioritizes mindfulness, community, and rewards.” That is the definition of the creators of the project. Thus, we see that this is another Web3 gaming project that has a goal to teach people how to treat themselves and their bodies right through different mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, sleep, and chanting. Instead, users can earn WELL tokens, which can be redeemed for exclusive rewards and experiences.

Source and Copyright © WELL3

How to Get WELL token? Instruction for Beginners

At the very beginning, we need to sign up for the ride of gaining the checkpoints. We will see the following registration window:

Source and Copyright © WELL3

Offtop. Below this registration you might also see the main steps to follow to get the rewards and get closer to your “inner peace”: 

Source and Copyright © WELL3

Let’s continue with the project signing up. After we’ve made an authorization via X, we get the message from the creators, who welcome us at the Yogis Community. The following steps are to enter the referral code and start missions to get experience points:

To find a referral code we can go to the X and search for them, or, if you want, you can use the following codes: 

Well, after entering the referral code: 

We get the next message from the Team:

After clicking the “start” button we go next and appear to be on the main page, see our account and all of the Mindful Missions we need to complete:

The breath session means literally waiting and breathing. For this, you will get 1000 of EXP. 

Other missions are quite easy: to follow certain accounts, to make a repost, or to like a particular post. Nothing complicated:

Once you’ve completed the task, you will see the following verification message:

Some missions are verified ASAP, for example, the “following” missions. There you directly get the message about claiming EXP points. Thus, after completing at least two or three missions, you are already in the rank of the players. Here’s our main page after completing three missions and one breath session:

Of course, there are some prof-missions related to NFT-minting, wallet connection, and investing money in certain things, but, that looks strange at the current status of the project, which is — the beginning. We also assume that after, when all of the activity is going to be counted, players will get their WELL tokens. So, can we call it mining tokens without mining? Not sure, but the mechanics are quite lookalike with the Notcoin, AvaCoin, and HOT Wallet coin, aren’t they?

Abusing also has come to this project. People create different accounts, use emulators, and farm EXP points to get opportunities to earn rewards. 

Thus, we’ve seen the whole picture of the project and now can continue to our main parts of the scamometer review.

WELL3 Reviews and Opinions: X and Reddit 

As usual, we decided to address people who might know something about the project and its legitimacy. Again, Reddit and X helped us to find out that.

X Opinions

At first, we asked Cryptonica X followers to define their opinions about the project. The results of the poll we did were the following: 

We’ve decided to wait for a couple of days ahead for the poll results to gather more answers and opinions. Thus, you can also take part in the survey and monitor how people vote for the WELL3 project on our X. In addition, if you have any feedback, add it to the comments in there!

Let’s continue our journey to the X community reviews. We didn’t even need to paste the #WELL in the search tab, because the project’s hashtag was already in the trends of X. Thus, here’s what we’ve got:

Some users wish that WELL make them billionaires:

Others just share their referral links to get more referrals, and, of course, get a higher rank, more EXP points, and in general more activity in case this activity is going to be counted when WELL tokens are going to be distributed between the players. 

BNB Chain on X posted a list of Web3 games that are promising, and, not WELL3, but Yogapetz was included in the list. That also means something, we guess:

On the 11th of March, the WELL3 account posted the update, where “Over 3.7 Million #WELL3 NFT minted on @BNBCHAIN”, it means that the project is actually in hype among users, thus, we were right that we decided to review it. 

We’ve also noticed, that WELL is usually mentioned together with the BLOCK coin. However, some of the users are more excited about the WELL token, which is also an interesting issue to mention.

If we talk about the negative part of the publications, we don’t see a lot of them. Mostly, as with our latest scamometer, Portal, we see the warnings of the scam websites and scammers that ask for the wallets and steal them:

Reddit Opinions

What about Reddit? That was quite a quest to find opinions about the project. We also pasted the “WELL3” word in the search tab. Surprisingly, there are the following threads about it:

Source and Copyright © Reddit

And, that’s it! It’s almost the same as with the Portal. The same project gets different community engagement on X and Reddit.

Let’s finish our X and Reddit reviews, and put a mark for this part of the project:

Community, Website, and Social Media Accounts

Platform X Discord
Followers 678k 179k
Comments 200-300 comments per post on average Active chat discussions
Reposts 600-700 reposts per post   
Engagement high high
Community power high high

For now, we can only see the X account and Discord chat of the Project. There is no information on other socials that are going to be launched soon. 

Coming back to the X account of the project. There is a huge engagement among the community of the project. The reason lies in the gamification of the EXP getting inside the platform. People see that getting points to get smth bigger in the future is easy enough, then, why not try? That’s why there are a lot of reposts, likes, comments, discussions. Discord chat is also very active. More than 7k users are online constantly, thus, they have the topic to discuss for sure. At least, to share the referral codes. 

Now, let’s check the project’s website. 

Source and Copyright © WELL3

The WELL3 Website is quite minimalistic. There is no information about the Team, Roadmap, Tokenomics, or other important things people need to know before investing in the project. Yep, if you want to earn EXP just for fun, you may not need this. But if you begin to invest money or other altcoins or NFTs, you have a right to know the whole information about the project.

Thus, for small info and entertainment at the same time, we put:

Founders and Investors of WELL3

The specific information about the founders of the WELL3 is not available. Like at all. It’s interesting, how you go to the Keungz.com website, for example, and click the Team button and it takes you to the…official website of the same project. They apparently need to change that.

What about the investors? Here’s the thing: WELL3 is initially an ecosystem (at least it seems to be and the website tells so), but many sources, like, Cointelegraph or Binance claim in their posts and articles that WELL3 is made by Yogapetz. Which one is right? We don’t know for sure, but it’s not so important, because, still, it’s the one ecosystem, and the WELL token will be working at both of them.

Thus, WELL3 a decentralized mind-body ecosystem combined with AI, recently announced that with the help of seed rounds and NFT sales could secure $5 million in funding. Here are the couple investors included in the list: Animoca Brands, Newman Group, and Soul Capital Partners.

Binance users, btw, share their thoughts as follows: 

Source and Copyright © Binance

WELL Tokenomics: Supply, Allocation, Use Case

The native WELL3 and Yogapetz token, WELL, is the main token in the whole ecosystem that has not been listed anywhere yet. However, there are the following use cases, earning methods, etc. for it:

Source and Copyright © Yogapetz

What about the supply? Nobody knows for sure yet. At this moment tokens are only accumulated on the WELL3 platform, and people are only earning them in different quests. However, what we already know about the token, is that 20 resorts in 8 countries are already ready to accept WELL. Is that so? We’re not sure, but the graphics on the website tell us that it is true. 

Source and Copyright © Yogapetz

No tokenomics at this moment, and no real use cases except resorts and in-game payments. We’re missing a huge amount of info about the token. At least, we can follow the project without investments and see where it goes. Of course, we can also connect the wallet and pay a small amount of money to see how it works deeper, but we again note that we inform you, not make you do something. DYOR before any movements with your assets. 

Thus, for this part of the project, we give the following grade:

WELL Current Price

WELL is only planned to be listed on the exchanges, thus, right now we can’t see the price graphics on the web. Creators don’t name the exchanges that will list WELL token, but there are two of them for sure. Here’s the evidence:

Source and Copyright © Yogapetz

Bottom Line: Is WELL3 a Scam or Not?

Well, it was kind of messy to figure out what actually is going on with the WELL3 project and the token WELL. We took the WELL3.com project to review because this one is on hype right now at least in the X. 

WELL is a token that only prepares to be listed on the exchanges, thus, we don’t have many things to analyze exactly about it. But right now we can mention and review the main features of the project itself:

  • The Gamification Process: WELL3 uses Web3 gaming technologies to attract and hold the user's attention, just like our beloved NOT and HOT. People tap and complete the challenges, and then get EXP. Nice game!
  • Wellness: Here we see the Wellness-2-Earn method of “mining” crypto and getting rewards. Thus, with the help of different health practices, people get real (or not, or virtual for now) assets. 
  • Social Networks and Community: People in the communities are very active. They share referral codes, use abusive mechanics, share their results, and try to earn as much EXP as possible. There almost isn’t negative feedback from people in the socials, but scammers still can come and steal your money, so beware. 
  • Technical Issues: Team, WhitePaper, RoadMap, Tokenomics, and Exchanges list really wanted to be done ASAP because for now, we don’t see the exact information about how it all will work for real. 
  • Investors: At least we know who investors are! That is a plus for the project from our side, but, still, there is little info about this issue too. 

In general, what we might say, is that Web3 Gaming is taking a prospective growth line in the crypto community and the industry in common. We see that every week we get another project based on gamification, promising us the “moon” results shortly or soon enough. 

WELL3 is one of these kinds of projects, but, still, it has the ecosystem, it wants to evolve the Wellness-2-Earn mechanics and enlarge the community of the ecosystem with the rewards and airdrop. Will it prosper? We don’t know, but at least we know that Web3 Gaming is only at its beginning, especially in crypto.

DYOR, as usual, before investing in yet another project, we need to check the project, its purposes, its Team, Tokenomics, WhitePaper, etc. Be attentive and count your risks before diving into any project in the cryptocurrency industry. We are only informing you about the latest or loudest projects, but never recommend investing in any of them. 

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